Data Structure through C Language
Year / Semester: 
2nd Semester

Unit 1 : Introduction to Data Structure
Basic concept of data, data type, Elementary structure, Arrays: Types, memory representation, address translation functions for one & two dimensional arrays and different examples.

Unit 2 : Algorithms
Complexity, time-Space, Asymptotic Notation.

Unit 3 : Linked List
Introduction to Linked List , representation of single linked list, linked list operations :Insertion into a linked list, deletion a linked list, searching and traversal of elements and their comparative studies with implementations using array structure.

Unit 4 : Stacks
Definitions, representation using array and linked list structure, applications of stack.

Unit 5 : Queues
Definitions, representation using array, linked representation of queues, Circular queues, Deques, Priority queues, application of queue.

Unit 6 : Searching
Linear and binary search algorithms, other searching algorithms, performance and complexity using big ‘O’ notation

Unit 7 : Sorting
Sorting algorithms (Complexity, advantages and disadvantage, implementation), bubble sort, insertion sort, selection sort, quick sort, merge sort, bucket/radix sort.

Unit 8 : Trees
Definition and implementation : Binary Tree, Tree traversal algorithms (inorder, preorder, postorder), postfix, prefix notations; Binary Search Tree: Searching in BST, insertion and deletion in BST.

Unit 9 : Graph
Introduction to Graph, Graph representation : adjacency matrix, adjacency list, Traversal of graph : depth first search and breadth first search.


Suggested Readings: 

1. Rajni Jindal, Data structure using C, Umesh Publication

2. HorowitzE, Fundamental of data structure, Galgotia Publications