व्यक्तित्व: सिद्धांत एवं मूल्यांकन
M.A. Psychology
Year / Semester: 
2nd Year

To familiarize the students with meaning and approaches of personality.
To help the students to comprehend the concept of personality its theories and assessment techniques.
To help the students to understand the tests of personality and factors influencing personality.
To acquaint the students with the psychopathology of personality.


Block 1: Introduction
Unit-1 Definition, nature, origins and characteristics of personality, approaches to personality: type and trait
Unit-2 Concept of personality and personality development, factors influencing personality.
Unit-3 Assessment of personality, tests of personality, Key issues in personality testing

Block 2: Psychoanalytic theories of personality
Unit-4 Introduction to Psychodynamic theories of personality, Psychodynamic theories of personality (Freud, Erikson, Horney and Sullyvan)
Unit-5 Social Psychological theories of personality(Alfred Adler, Eric Fromm, Karen Horney), Bandura Social cognitive theory of personality
Unit-6 Learning theories of personality (Pavlov and Skinner), Humanistic and self theory (Maslow, Rogers)
Unit-7 Dollard and Miller theory of personality

Block 3: Theories of Personality II
Unit-8 Trait and type theories of personality differences between trait and type, state/trait approaches to personality
Unit-9 Allport’s trait theory of personality, Type A and B personality theory, trait
theories of personality
Unit-10 Eysenck Personality theory and the Big 5 theories of personality.

Block 4: Assessment of personality
Unit-11 Approaches to personality assessment (self report, problems of response in projective and behavioral assessment)
Unit-12 Behavioral assessment, other measures of personality (Q-sort techniques)

Block 5: Personality and PsychopathologyUnit-13 Introduction to borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, schizoid and paranoid personality disorder
Unit-14 Causation & treatment of psychoneuroses, anxiety, phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder, conversion and dissociative hysteria
Unit-15 Causation & treatment of Psychoses: Schizophrenia, Paranoia, Affective disorders.
Unit-16 Contemporary approaches to therapy-behavioristic, Psychoanalytic and humanistic


Suggested Readings: 
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