विकासात्मक मनोविज्ञान
M.A. Psychology
Year / Semester: 
2nd Year

To familiarize the students with meaning, concepts and principals of life span development.
To help the students to understand the process, stages and characteristics of Human Growth and Development.
To acquaint students with childhood disorders.
To acquaint students with different adjustments during middle age and old age.


Block 1: Life Span Development: Introduction
Unit-1 Introduction: Life span development, definition, concept, principals and characteristics of development, difference between growth and development
Unit-2 Theories of human development: Psychoanalytic approach (Freud & Erickson), Humanistic approach (Maslow & Rogers), Behavioristic approach (Pavlov & Skinner)
Unit-3 Prenatal development, Perinatal, Antenatal and postnatal development

Block 2: Development during early and late childhood
Unit-4 Physical and motor development, Psycho social development
Unit-5 Perceptual development, Language development, cognitive development
Unit-6 Relationship in early years (attachment theory), child rearing practices
Unit-7 Screening and assessment for developmental disorders, learning disorder and speech disorder

Block 3: Development during adolescence
Unit-8 Characteristics of adolescence, physical development and adjustment
Unit-9 Social changes during adolescence, identity, self concept and self-esteem Unit-16 Erikson’s concept regarding adulthood, middle age and old age, Concept and attitude towards successful aging, death and dying. Role of ‘Homes for old Age’
Unit-10 Sex interest and behavior, relationships- Family and peer groups

Block 4: Development During Early Adulthood
Unit-11 Characteristics of early adulthood, developmental task of early adulthood, personality and social development
Unit-12 Changes in interests: Recreation in early adulthood, social interests, objectives, Mobility; sex role adjustment, personal and social hazards in early adulthood
Unit-13 Vocational and family adjustment, marital adjustment, adjustment to parenthood, Assessment of marital adjustment

Block 5: Development During Middle Age and Old Age
Unit-14 Physical, psychological and social changes, characteristics of middle age and old age
Unit-15 Vocational adjustment in middle age, adjustment to retirement, change in family life in old age

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