निर्देशन एवं परामर्श
Year / Semester: 
2nd Year
  •  To familiarize the students with the concept, scope and significance of guidance and counselling.
  • To acquaint the students with the types, agencies and qualities of good guidance and counselling personnel.
  • To provide information’s with regard to tests and tools used in guidance and counselling services.
  • To help the students to understand the concept, principles and importance of mental health and mental hygiene.
  • To enable the students to comprehend the concept of adjustment.

 BLOCK 1 Guidance and its Concept 

Unit 1- Guidance: Concept, Principles, assumptions, issues and problems, need, scope and significance of guidance
Unit 2- Types of Guidance-Educational, Vocational and Personal, Group Guidance
Role of Teacher in guidance,
Unit 3-Guidance and Curriculum: Guidance and Classroom Learning
Unit 4- Agencies of guidance- National level, State level
BLOCK 2 Guidance of Children with Special Needs
Unit 5- Problems and Needs, Role of teacher in helping children with special needs
Guidance of the gifted and creative, 
Unit 6- Group Guidance: Concept, principles, procedure and techniques of group guidance
BLOCK 3 Counselling and Its Concept
Unit 7-Counselling Process: Concept, Principles of counselling, counselling approaches- Directive, Non-directive and Eclectic 
Unit 8-Group Counselling vs Individual Counselling, Counselling for Adjustment, Characteristics of good counselling
Unit 9-Information Orientation services, placement service and follow up service at different levels of education, evaluation of guidance Programme 
Unit10- Qualities of a good counsellor, role and responsibilities.
BLOCK 4 Testing in Guidance Service
Unit 11- Tools and Techniques of guidance, Use of tests in guidance and counseling, 
Unit 12 -Tests of Intelligence -SPM, Bhatia Battery Test of Intelligence, Aptitude- DAT, Creativity- Baquer Mehndi Test of Creativity (Based on Guilford’s Model), Interest- VIB and Personality EPQ, 16 PF- administering, scoring and interpretation of tests scores. 
Unit 13- Organization of a Guidance Programme - Organizing Guidance services at different levels of education
BLOCK 5 Human Adjustments and Mental Health
Unit 14- Psychological foundations of Adjustment, Role of motivation and perception in adjustment
Unit 15- Concept and meaning of mental health and mental hygiene. Principles of Mental Hygiene and their implication for effective adjustment, mental health and development of integrated personality
Unit16- Adjustment mechanism and its characteristics, Frustration, conflicts and their resolution 
Unit17 - Problem of maladjustment-causes and symptoms of maladjustment.
Suggested Readings: 
  •  शैक्षिक तथा व्यावसायिक निर्देशन के आधार: के.पी. पान्डे 
  • शैक्षिक तथा व्यावसायिक निर्देशन तथा परामर्श: आर. ए. शर्मा 
  • शैक्षिक तथा व्यावसायिक निर्देशन एव परामर्श: S.C. Oberoi
  • आधुनिक मनोवैज्ञानिक परीक्षण एव मापन: महेश भार्गव 
  • Educational Vocational Guidance and Counselling: J.C. Agarwal
  • Counselling and Guidance: S. Narayana Rao
  • Guidance and Counselling: A.K. Nayak
  • शिक्षा में निर्देशन एवं परामर्श: Sitaram Jaiswal