प्रायोगिक एवं सत्रीय कार्य
Year / Semester: 
2nd Year

(I) Three Tests of 10 Marks EACH= 3Credits

( Among these tests select any three )
  1. Mixed type Group test of Intelligence-Dr. P.N.Mehrotra
  2. Koh’s Block Design Performance Test of Intelligence
  3. CMI-Attitude Scale-Dr.(Mrs.Nirmala Gupta)
  4. Draw a Man test for Indian Children-Dr.P.N.Mehrotra
  5. MGTI-Verbal and Non verbal Test of Intelligence
  6. Emotional Intelligence Inventory –Dr.S.K.Mangal and Dr.Subhra Mangal
  7. Social Intelligence Scale-Dr.N.K.Chadha and Dr.Usha Ganesan
  8. Reasoning Ability Test-Dr.L.N.Dubey
  9. Advanced Progressive Matrices-J.Raven. J.C.Raven and J.H.Court
  10. Non verbal Group Intelligence Test-Imtisungba Ao
  11. General Mental Ability Test-Dr.R.P.Srivastava and Dr.Kiran Srivastava
  12. Teachers’Emotional Intelligence Inventory-Dr.Subhra Mangal
  13. Gessells Drawing Test of Intelligence-Dr. S Venkatesan
  14. Test of “g”:Culture Fair Scale-Mrs.S.Rao

II Two Experiments of 10 Marks each =2 Credits
(Among these experiments select any two) 
  1. Mirror Drawing Experiment
  2. Experiment with regard to Span of Immediate Memory-Visual
  3. Experiment with regard to Span of Immediate Memory-Auditory
  4. Substitution Learning 
III. Viva-Voce of 30 Marks = 3 credits
IV. Sessional Work of 20 Marks = 4 credits
( Among these topics select any two) 
  1. Case study of the School with regard to the Administrative and Academic structure where you are a teacher
  2. Case study of a student with special needs with regard to his/her scholastic achievements (select the student from the school where you are a teacher)
  3. Socio –educational survey comprising 50 households of close vicinity
  4. Book review of from any of your text book.
  5. Review of any research paper from the Journal having ISSN No.