Softare Engineering
Year / Semester: 
5th Semester

UNIT - 1 Software Engineering
The software crisis, principles of software engineering,  programming-in-the-small vs. programming-in-the-large
UNIT - 2 Software process
The software lifecycle, the waterfall model and variations, risk-driven approaches, introduction to evolutionary and prototyping approaches, agile process models, system classifications
UNIT - 3 Project management
Relationship to lifecycle, project planning, project control, project organization, risk management, cost models, configuration management, version control, quality assurance, metrics
UNIT - 4 Software requirements
Requirements analysis, functional and non-functional requirements elicitation, analysis tools, requirements definition, requirements specification, static and dynamic specifications, requirements review.

UNIT - 5 Software design
Design for reuse, design for change, design notations, design evaluation and validation
UNIT - 6 Implementation and Maintenance
Programming standards and procedures, modularity, data abstraction, static analysis, unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, verification and validation, tools for testing, fault tolerance, The maintenance problem, the nature of maintenance, planning for maintenance

Suggested Readings: 

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