Linux System Administration Artificial Intelligence
Year / Semester: 
5th Semester

Unit 1 : Introduction to UNIX
Evolution of Unix, Features, System structure, File System

Unit 2 :  File I/O
System calls for file I/O, File Sharing, Concept of File descriptor duplication, File Control

Unit 3 : Files and Directories
File status, File types, Permission, ownership and related System call. File system, Links,  File times Directory related functions

Unit 4 : Standard I/O Library
Streams, Buffering, open, read & write on streams, Binary I/O, Formatted I/O Temporary Files

Unit 5 : Environment of Unix Process
Process invocation and termination, Environment variables & List Memory, Layout of C program & memory management routines

Unit 6 : Process control
Process identifiers, system calls related to Multitasking, Race condition Zombie & Orphan process, system

Unit 7: Process relationship
Sessions, Controlling Terminal, Job Control, Sharing data among parent & Child using Files

Unit 8 : Signals
Signal Concepts, Signal handling, Important, signals: kill, raise, alarm, pause, and abort

Unit 9 : Advanced I/O
Record Locking , Streams, I/O Multiplexing, Memory Mapped I/O, various Read and write

Unit 10 : Inter Process Communication
Pipes, FIFO, System V IPC (Message Queue, Semaphore, Shared Memory)

Suggested Readings: 

1. Parata, “Advanced Unix programming guide”, BPB
2. Yashwant Kanitkar, “Unix Shell Programming”, BPB
3. Meeta Gandhi, Tilak Shetty, Rajiv Shah, “The ‘C’ Odyssey Unix – the open boundless C”, BPB
4. Sumitabh Das, “Unix Concepts and applications”, TMH
5. Mike Joy, Stephen Jarvis, Michael Luck, “Introducing Unix and Linux”, Palgrave Macmillan.
6. Rachel Morgan, Henry McGilton, “Introducing Unix System V”, TMH