Fundamentals of Cyber Law & The Emerging Jurisprudence
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

Block-1. Jurisprudence of Cyber Law
Unit- 1- Introduction to Indian Cyber Law
Unit-2- Overview of General Laws and Procedures in India
Unit-3- Overview of Computer and Web Technology

Block-2. Jurisdiction in Cyber Space
Unit-4- Concept of Jurisdiction
Unit-5- Internet Jurisdiction
Unit-6- Indian Context of Jurisdiction
Unit-7- International position of Internet Jurisdiction Cases in Cyber Jurisdiction

Block-3- Understanding Electronic Contracts

Unit-8-The Indian Law of Contract
Unit-9-Construction of Electronic Contracts
Unit-10-Issues of Security Issues of Privacy Technical Issues in Cyber Contracts

Block-4- Cyber Contracts & Indian Legal Position

Unit-11- Legal Issues in Cyber Contracts
Unit-12- Cyber Contract and IT Act 2000
Unit-13- Indian Law on Shrink Wrap Contracts Drafting of Cyber Contracts