Intellectual Property Issues & Cyberspace- The Indian Perspective
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

Block-1- Overview of Intellectual Property related Legislation & Copyright
Unit-1- Understanding the technology of Software
Unit-2- Copyright in Internet
Unit-3- Jurisdiction Issues and Copyright
Unit-4-Infringement, Remedies of Infringement

Block-2- Patents

Unit-5-Understanding Patents
Unit-6-International context of Patents
Unit-7-Indian Position on Computer related Patents

Unit-8- Understanding Trademarks
Unit-9-Trademark Law in India
Unit-10- Trademarks in Internet

Block-4- Databases in Information Technology
Unit-11-Domain name registration
Unit-12- Domain Name Disputes & WIPO V. Databases
Unit-13- Protection of Databases
Unit-14-Indian Law on Databases