Applied Psychology
Bachelor of Arts BA12
Year / Semester: 
3rd Year

Block 1. Introduction  Applied Psychology
Unit-1: Meaning, nature, scope of Applied Psychology
Unit-2: branches of Applied Psychology
Unit-3: Emerging trends in Applied Psychology

Block 2. Guidance and counseling
Unit-4: Meaning ,nature need and types of guidance
Unit-5: Educational and Vocational guidance at secondary and senior secondary levels.
Unit-6:Meaning ,nature and scope of counseling
Unit-7:Area and technique of counseling; Personal,family,career,directive, non-directive

Block 3.Industrial Psychology
Unit-8: Meaning,nature and scope of Industrial psychology ,time and motion study, Scientific  management
Unit-9: Industrial morale and Performance appraisal
Unit-10: Motivation and job satisfaction
Unit-11: Monotony Boredom and Industrial accidents

Block 4. Health and Illness Psychology
Unit-12: meaning, nature and scope of health psychology
Unit-13:Pain: Definition, types and theories
Unit-14: Stress and coping strategies
Unit-15: Causes and prevention: CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE, CANCER, HIV/AIDS

Block-5. Positive Psychology
Unit-16: Introduction, Meaning and area of positive psychology. Role of positive emotions in positive psychology
Unit-17: Money and Happiness and well being
Unit-18: Optimism,Empathy,Gratitude and forgiveness