Theories and System of Psychology
Bachelor of Arts BA12
Year / Semester: 
3rd Year
  • To familiarize the students with the historical perspective of psychology.
  • Understand that development of psychology is influenced by beginning of experimental psychology.
  • To acquire knowledge about different schools of psychology.
  • To familiarize students with cognitive psychology.
  • To make students understand how psychology is related to industry.

Block 1: Historical Perspective of Psychology
Unit-1 Contribution of Plato, Aristotle, Decartes
Unit-2  Contribution of British empiricist and associationist
Unit-3 Contribution of physiologist

Block 2: Beginning of Experimental Psychology
Unit-4 Contribution of Weber, Fechner, Galton, Psychophysics and psychophysical methods
Unit-5 Contribution of Wilhelm Wundt and Tichner
Unit-6 Contribution of William James and Ebbinghaus 

Block 3: Schools of Psychology
Unit-7 Psychodynamic (Neo Freudian-Adler, Jung, Horney), behaviouristic (Pavlov and Skinner)
Unit-8 Humanistic and Existential Psychology, Field theory (Lewin)
Unit-9 Psychoanalysis and Neoanalysis

Block 4: Cognitive Psychology
Unit-10 Selective and sustained attention, arousal and information processing, theories of selective attention
Unit-11 Nature of perception, theories of perception, perceptual learning
Unit-12  Pattern recognition- Theories of pattern recognition, bottom up and top-down approach, perceptual constancy

Block 5: Psychology In Industry
Unit 13  Psychology in industry, difficulties in production, worker’s analysis, working conditions, chances of promotion, human relations in industry, labor welfare, strike and lockout
Unit 14  Define morale, aspects of morale, influence of morale, methods of measuring morale, requirement of morale, job satisfaction
Unit 15 Advertisement: meaning and importance, advertisement & memory, advertisement & attitude, psychological appeal of advertisement

Suggested Readings: 
  • Wolman, B.E. (1979), Contemporary Theories and Systems in Psychology, Delhi : Freeman Book Co.
  • Ram Nath Sharma: Applied Psychology
  • Shukla,K.C., Applied Psychology, commonwealth Publishers
  • Solso, R.L. (2001), Cognitive Psychology (6th edition), Allyn and Bacon, Indian Reprint, 2004, Bangalore: Pearson Education.
  • अरून कुमार सिंह, मनोविज्ञान का इतिहास
  • डॉ.ए.रहमान, मनोविज्ञान का इतिहास
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