English Usage
Bachelor of Arts BA12
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

Block One 

Unit 1 Use of Articles
Unit 2 Concord

Block Two 

Unit 3 Simple Present and Present Continuous Tense
Unit 4 Present Prefect and Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Unit 5 Past Tense
Unit 6 Conditional Tenses
Unit 7 Simple Future and Future Continuous Tense
Unit 8 Future Perfect and Perfect Continuous Tense

Block Three

Unit 9 Modals
Unit 10 Types of Sentences

Block Four

Unit 11 Relative Clauses
Unit 12 Adverbial Clauses
Unit 13 Prepositional Phrases
Unit 14 Participial Phrases

Block Five 

Unit 15 Direct and Indirect Speeches
Unit 16 Active and Passive Voice
Unit 17 Linking Words and Phrases
Unit 18 Punctuation