Advanced Reading and Writing Skills
Bachelor of Arts BA12
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

Block One 

Unit 1 Sound Patterns
Unit 2 Simile and Metaphor
Unit 3 Irony, Paradox, Antithesis
Unit 4 Allegory, Symbol, Imagery

Block Two 

Unit 5: Use of Phrasal Verbs
Unit 6: Appropriateness
Unit 7: Politeness
Unit 8: Requests, Offers, Invitations and Refusals

Block Three 

Unit 9: Basics of Essay Writing
Unit 10: Essay Writing and Varieties of Essays
Unit 11: Narrative Composition
Unit 12: Argumentative Composition
Unit 13: Descriptive Composition

Block Four 

Unit 14: Introduction to Official and Business Writing
Unit 15: Writing of Summaries and Expansion of Ideas
Unit 16: Note Taking and Reports
Unit 17: Minutes, Memorandum and Agenda
Units 18: Job Application and Resume
Unit 19: Correspondences