Legal Education and Research Methodology
Master of Laws LLM12
Year / Semester: 
2nd Year

Block I Introduction
Unit-1 Objectives of Legal Education
Unit-2 The Seminar Method of teaching; Examination system and problems in evaluation - external and internal assessment
Unit-3 Clinical legal education - legal aid, legal literacy, legal survey and law reform
Block II Research Methods
Unit-4 Socio Legal Research
Unit-5 Doctrinal and non-doctrinal
Unit-6 Relevance of empirical research
Unit-7 Induction and deduction
Block III Identification of Problem of research
Unit-8 Research problem; Survey of available literature and bibliographical research
Unit-9 Legislative materials including subordinate legislation, notification and policy Statements
Unit-10 Juristic writings - a survey of juristic literature relevant to select problems in India and foreign periodicals
Unit-11 Compilation of list of reports or special studies conducted relevant to the problem.
Block IV Preparation of the Research Design
Unit-12 Formulation of the Research problem; Devising tools and techniques for collection of data: Methodology; Methods for the collection of statutory and case materials and juristic literature
Unit-13 Use of historical and comparative research materials; Use of observation studies; Use of questionnaires/interview
Unit-14 Use of case studies; Sampling procedures -design of sample, types of     sampling to be adopted;  Use of scaling techniques; Use of scaling techniques.