Law of Export Import Regulation
Master of Laws LLM12
Year / Semester: 
2nd Year

Block I Introduction; The Basic Needs of Export and Import Trade
Unit-1 State control over import and export of goods – from rigidity to liberalization
Unit-2 Impact of regulation on economy
Unit-3 Goods; Services; Transportation

Block II International Regime
Unit-4 WTO agreement; WTO and tariff restrictions; WTO and non-tariff restrictions
Unit-5 Investment and transfer of technology; Quota restriction and anti-dumping; Permissible regulations
Unit-6 Quarantine regulation; Dumping of discarded technology and goods in international market; Reduction of subsidies and counter measures.

Block III General Law on Control of Imports and Exports
Unit-7 Legislative control; Power of control: Central government and RBI
Unit-8 Foreign Trade Development and Regulation Act 1992; Restrictions under customs law
Unit-9 Control under FEMA; Foreign exchange and currency
Unit-10 Import of goods; Export promotion councils; Export oriented units and export processing zones

Block IV Control of Exports and Technology transfer
Unit-11 Quality control; Regulation on goods; Conservation of foreign exchange
Unit-12 Foreign exchange management; Currency transfer; Investment in foreign countries
Unit-13 Restrictive terms in technology transfer agreements; Automatic approval schemes