Legal Regulation of Economic Enterprises
Master of Laws LLM12
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

Block I The Rationale of Government Regulation
Unit-1 Constitutional perspectives
Unit-2 The new economic policy - Industrial policy resolutions, declarations and statements; The place of public, small scale, co-operative, corporate, private and joint sectors - in the changing context
Unit-3 Regulation of economic activities; Disclosure of information
Unit-4 Fairness in competition Emphasis on consumerism

Block II Industrial Development
Unit-5 Development and Regulation of Industries; Take - over of Management and Control of Industrial Units
Unit-6 Sick Undertakings: Nationalization or Winding Up; Licensing Policy and Legal Process - Growing Trends of Liberalization
Unit-7 Deregulation of essential commodities: developmental sign or a social mishap

Block III Problems of Control and Accountability: Regulation of Hazardous Activity
Unit-8 Mass disaster and environmental degradation: legal liability and legal remedies
Unit-9 Public Liability Insurance: adequacy; Issues in zoning and location of industrial units

Block IV Legal Regulation
Unit-10 Collaboration agreements for technology transfer
Unit-11 Investment in India: FDIs and NRIs; Investment abroad
Unit-12 Legal regulation of selected public enterprises – Telecom regulatory authority and insurance regulatory authority