Banking Law
Master of Laws LLM12
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

Block I Introduction & Social control over banking
Unit-1 Nature and development of banking; History of banking in India and elsewhere -indigenous banking-evolution of banking in India - different kinds of banks and their functions
Unit-2 Nationalization; Evaluation: private ownership, nationalization and disinvestment
Unit-3 Protection of depositors; Priority lending; Promotion of under privileged classes

Block II The Central Bank
Unit-4 Evolution of Central Bank; Characteristics; Economic and social objectives;
Unit-5 Organizational structure; functions of RBI
Unit-6 Functions of the RBI
Unit-7 Control of RBI over non-banking companies

Block III Relationship of Banker and Customer and Recent Trends of Banking System in India
Unit-8 Various kinds of relationship between banker and customer
Unit-9 New technology; Information technology; Automation and legal aspects Automatic teller machine and
Unit-10 use of internet; Smart card; Use of expert system; Credit cards

Block-IV Negotiable Instruments
Unit-11 Meaning and kinds; Transfer and negotiations
Unit-12 Holder and holder in due course.
Unit-13 Presentment and payment.
Unit-14 Liabilities of parties; Dishonour of cheque.