Corporate Finance
Master of Laws LLM12
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

Objectives, Financial Needs and Sources of Finance Long Term Sources, Short Term Sources, Debt Securitisation Venture Capital, Lease Financing, New Instruments- Deep Discount Bonds, SPNs, etc., International Financing.

Block I: Introduction
Unit 1             

1.1 History of company Legislation in England and India
1.2 Meaning of company

Unit 2             

2.1 Corporate Personality, Advantages and disadvantages of Incorporation
2.2  Lifting the corporate veil
2.3 Corporations, Partnerships and other Association of Persons.
2.4 State Corporations, Government Companies.
2.5 Small Scale, Co-operative, Corporate and Joint Sectors.

Unit 3     

3.1  Formation and Incorporation of a Company
3.2  Memorandum of Association, Various clauses, alteration of clauses, doctrine of ultra vires.

Unit 4             

4.1  Articles of Association, biding force of articles, alteration, relation with memorandum, doctrine, of constructive notice and indoor management.
4.2  Prospectus, Issue, contents, liability for misstatements, statement in lieu of prospectus, Red-herring prospectus, shelf Prospectus, Information Memorandum etc.

Block II:  Director and Managerial Personnel, Company Meetings & Winding up of company
Unit 5   Position, appointment, qualifications and disqualifications, removal, Power & duties, liabilities, remuneration, nominee director, Managing Director, Manager etc.
Unit 6   Company Meetings, Kinds, procedure, voting
Unit 7   Protection of Minority rights, Prevention of Oppression and Mismanagement
Unit 8   Compromises, Arrangements, Reconstruction and Amalgamation, Meaning, Difference, Powers of Tribunal, Legal Provisions regarding reconstruction and amalgamation
Unit 9   Winding up, Meaning, modes, dissolution

Block III:  Corporate Finance
Unit 10  Corporation Finance - Meaning, scope and objectives
Unit 11  Equity Finance - Shares & stock, kinds of shares, Issue of shares, Sweat Equity, Buy back, certificate and warrants
Unit 12  Debt Finance - Borrowings, security for borrowings, Debentures-Issue, classes, Public Deposits, Small Depositors, Investments, Inter-Corporate Loans.
Unit 13  Corporate Fund Raising: Other Sources

Block IV:  Protection of Investors & Creditors & Corporate responsibility
Unit 14   Protection of Investors
Unit 15   Protection of Creditors
Unit 16  Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility