Law of Industrial & Intellectual Property
Master of Laws LLM12
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

Block I Introduction
Unit-1 IPR and International Perspectives
Unit-2   Trademarks and Consumer Protection (Study of UNCTAD report on the subject)
Unit-3 The Legal Regime of Unfair Trade Practices and of Intellectual Industrial Property

Block II Biotechnology Patents
Unit-4 Nature and types of biotechnology patents
Unit-5 Plant patenting; Sui generis protection for plant varieties
Unit-6 Multinational ownership; Regulation of environment and health hazards in biotechnology patent; Indian policy and position

Block III Special Problems of Proof of Infringement
Unit-7 Status of intellectual property in transit – TRIPS obligation - Indian position; The evidentiary problems in action of passing off
Unit-8 The proof of non-anticipation, novelty of inventions protected by patent law; evidentiary problems in piracy: TRIPS obligation - reversal of burden of proof in process patent
Unit-9 Need and Scope of Law Reforms

Block IV Intellectual Property and Human Right
Unit-10 Freedom of speech and expression as the basis of the regime of intellectual property; right - copyright protection on internet - WCT (WIPO Copyright Treaty, 1996)
Unit-11 Legal status of hazardous research protected by the regime of intellectual property
Unit-12 Human right of the impoverished masses intellectual property protection of new; products for healthcare and food security
Unit-13 Traditional knowledge - protection- biodiversity convention- right of indigenous people