The Indian Constitutional Law- The New Challenges
Master of Laws LLM12
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

Block I Federalism

  • Creation of new states   
  • Allocation and share of resources, distribution of grants in aid

Unit-2 The inter–state disputes on resources; Rehabilitation of internally displaced persons
Unit-3 Centre’s responsibility and internal disturbance within states; Directions of the Center to the state under Article 356 and 365
Unit-4 Special status of certain States; Tribal Areas; Scheduled Areas

Block II ‘State’, Need for widening the definition in the wake of liberalization.
Unit-5 Right to equality% privatization and its impact on affirmative action
Unit-6 Freedom of speech and right to broadcast and telecast; Right to strikes; hartal and bandh
Unit-7 Reading Directive Principles and Fundamental Duties into Fundamental Rights
Unit-8 Right of minorities to establish and administer educational Institutions and state control; Secularism and religious fanaticism

Block-3 Separation of powers; stresses and strain
Unit-9 Judicial activism and judicial restraint
Unit-10 PIL; implementation
Unit-11 Judicial independence; Appointment, transfer and removal of judges
Unit-12 Accountability: executive and judiciary; Tribunals

Block IV Democratic process
Unit-13 Nexus of politics with criminals and the business
Unit-14 Election; Election Commission: status; Electoral Reforms
Unit-15 Coalition Government, ‘stability, duration, corrupt practice’; Parliamentary form of Government vs. Presidential form of government 

Unit-16 Grass root democracy