Law & Social Transformation in India
Master of Laws LLM12
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

Block I Law and social change
Unit-1 Law as an instrument of social change
Unit-2 Law as the product of traditions and culture
Unit-3 Criticism and evaluation in the light of colonization and the introduction of common law system and institutions in India and its impact on further development of law and legal institutions in India.

Block II Religion/ Community and the law
Unit- 4 Religion as a divisive factor, Secularism as a solution to the problem
Unit- 5 Freedom of religion and non-discrimination on the basis of religion, Religious minorities and the law
Unit- 6 Caste as a divisive factor, Non-discrimination on the ground of caste, Acceptance of caste as a factor to undo past injustices
Unit- 7 Social changes: factors and principles of law

Block III Women/Children and the law
Unit-8 Crimes against women
Unit-9 Gender injustice and its various forms; women’s commission
Unit-10 Empowerment of women; constitutional and other legal provisions of Act.
Unit-11 Child protection Act; Sexual exploitation; Adoption and related problems.
Unit-12 Children and education. Right to Education Act

Block IV Alternative approaches to law
Unit-13The jurisprudence of  Sarvodaya --- Gandhi ji ;Vinoba Bhave; Jayprakash  Narayan-Surrender of dacoits; concept of gram nyayalayas.
Unit-14 Socialist thought on law and justice; an enquiry through constitutional debates on the right to property
Unit-15 Indian Marxist critique of law and justice
Unit-16 Naxalaite movement: causes and cure