Web Technology
Year / Semester: 
6th Semester

Unit 1 : HTML & Forms
Introduction To HTML, WWW, W3C, web publishing, Common HTML, Tags Physical & Logical, Some basic tags like <body> , changing background color of page, text color etc., Text formatting tags, <p> <br>, <hr> tags, Ordered & Unordered Lists Tags, Inserting image, Links: text, image links, image mapping , Tables , Frames, Form Introduction with text box, text area, buttons, List box, radio, checkbox etc.

Unit 2 : CSS
Introduction To Style sheet, types of style sheets- Inline, External, Embedded CSS, text formatting properties, CSS Border, margin properties, Positioning Use of classes in CSS, color properties, use of <div> & <span>

Unit 3 : JavaScript
Intro to script, types, intro of JavaScript, JavaScript identifiers, operators, control & Looping structure, Intro of Array, Array with methods, Math, String, Date Objects with methods User defined & Predefined functions, DOM objects, Window Navigator, History, Location, Event handling, Validations
On Forms

Unit 4 : VBScript
Intro. To VBSCript, Variables, Data types, Control Structures & Loops, Functions in VB Script, Client side web scripting, Validating forms, DOM, Handling errors

Unit 5 : XML
Intro & features of XML, XML writing elements, attributes etc. XML with CSS, DSO, XML Namespaces
XML DTD, XML Schemas, Writing Simple sheets using XSLT, SAX & DOM Parsers, SOAP Intro.

Unit 6 : ASP
Introduction of ASP, Working with ASP page, Request & Response object, Application & Session, Role of Global.asa file, Server Object, Error Handling in ASP Database Handling: Connection, Recordset, Command Object

Suggested Readings: 

1. Burdman, “Collaborative Web Development”, Addison Wesley.
2. Sharma &Sharma, “Developing E-Commerce Sites”, Addison Wesley
3. Ivan Bayross, “Web Technologies Part II”, BPB Publications.