Dr. Nandan Kumar Tiwari  b. 1987


Assistant Professor    

School of Humanities

Acharya in Jyotish (Ganita) from BHU, M.A in Sanskrit from UOU, UGC NET/ JRF in Jyotish, Ph.D in Jyotish from BHU.

Teaching Areas: Indian Astronomy and Astrology

Research Areas : Makrandprakash, Panchang making from Solar Method, Vedang Jyotish, Suryasiddhant & Grahlaghvam.

Interests : Teaching , Writing, Horoscope Predication, Vastu, Palmistry, Numerology and Music.

Project works  - 

  1. UGC sponsored Major Research Project work experience of  two and half Years As Project Fellow in Dept. of Jyotish, Faculty of SVDV, BHU, Varanasi. Project Title -   A critical study on the Surya siddhant- for almanac purpose. Submitted in 2012.
  2. UGC Sponsored Major Research project of MHRD ( Govt. of India) Title- ‘E Content’ ‘JYOTISHGANITAM’ in which that 30 Unites written by me as Unit writer of first Paper. Paper Name – Grahlaghwam.

Workshops     -

  1. Workshop on Text Translation in Dept. of Sanskrit, Faculty of Art’s, BHU of 15 days.
  2. Worshop on LaTex: The Language of Scientific Writing in UOU of 2 Days.
  3. Workshop on Distance Education : Self Learning Materials & Learner support in UOU of 4 Days.

Published Research Papers
            In National Research refereed Journals – 15
            In International Research refereed Journals  – 10
Certificates of seminar with paper Presentation

  • On India Level -  15
  • On International Level – 05 

Editor in chief –    International Journal of Jyotish Research  ( ISSN No.- 2456-4427 )