Dr. Shyam Singh Kunjwal 


Academic Associate    

School of Sciences

Ph.D. (Zoology, Aquaculture), PG Zoology,(Fish &Fisheries)

Teaching Areas: System Physiology-Animal, Invertebrates, Vertebrates, in UG and Aquaculture (Fisheries) PG level.

Publications :
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  2. Shyam S. Kunjwal “Length weight relationship and condition factors of Schizothorax richardsonii(Gray, 1832) influenced by artificial and natural feeding. In: International Journal of Applied Research, IJAR: 2016:2(5):168-170.
  3. Shyam S. Kunjwal & A.Thapliyal “ Effect of Periphyton diet on the growth of snow-trout Scizothorax richardsonii(Gray)” In: International Journal of Advance Research, IJAR(2015),Vol.3 Issue 11, 1595-1601.
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  5. Shyam S. Kunjwal, N.N.Pandey, H.C.S Bisht & R. Bisht 2012“Observation on the Use of artificial Substrate for periphyton based culture of Schizothorax Richardsonii (Gray) in Raceways of Mountaneous Region of Kumaon,Uttarakhand” In: Journal of Env. Bio-Sci.26 (1):99-104.
  6. Shyam S. Kunjwal & Dharmendra Kumar Heavy Metal Toxicity and Its Amelioration By α- Tocopherol In: Rattus rattus Albino, In: Current Journal (Journal for All Research) ISSBN: 2348-6228.2(5): 23-28.
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Area of Specialization/Research Field: ZOOLOGY/AQUACULTURE

Awards/Recognition: Young Scientist Award – ISGBRD (2016)