Bachelor of Tourism Studies (BTS10)

Programme Code : BTS10 Medium : English
Programme Type : Graduate Session : 2009-10
2010-11 Summer
2011-12 Summer
Objective : The three year bachelor degree programme in tourism is aimed to inculcate the conceptual understanding of the tourism industry. The programme has been strategically distributed into three years leading to a chronological in-depth understanding of the entire tourism process. Thus, the learners can harness the knowledge not only towards building a career in burgeoning tourism industry and in entrepreneurial development but also, to develop rational thinking towards the sustainability and innovativeness in Tourism.
Eligibility :


School : School of Tourism & Hotel Management Credits : 96
Min Duration : 3 Years Max Duration : 6 Years
Year Programme Fee Exam Fee Project Fee Practical Fee Viva-Voice Total
First 3500 750       4250
Second 3500 750       4250
Third 3500 600 1000     5100