S.No Programmesort icon Type Code Min Duration
1 Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management PGDMM16 PG Diploma PGDMM16 1 Year
2 Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management PGDHRM16 PG Diploma PGDHRM16 1 Year
3 Post Graduate Diploma in Geo Informatics PGDGIS16 PG Diploma PGDGIS16 1 Year
4 Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA16) PG Diploma PGDCA16 1 Year
5 P.G.D. in Disaster Management PGDDM16 PG Diploma PGDDM16 1 Year
6 P.G.D. in Cyber Law PGDCL16 PG Diploma PGDCL16 1 Year
7 P.G. D. in Journalism & Mass Communication PGDJMC16 PG Diploma PGDJMC16 1 Year
8 P.G. D. in Broadcast Journalism And New Media PGDBJ16 PG Diploma PGDBJ16 1 Year
9 P.G. D. in Advertising & Public Relations PGDAPR16 PG Diploma PGDAPR16 1 Year
10 Master of Tourism and Travel Managemen MTTM16 Post Graduate MTTM16 2 Years
11 Master of Social Work (MSW16) Post Graduate MSW16 2 Years
12 Master of Science Physics MSCPHY16 Post Graduate MSCPHY16 2 Years
13 Master of Science in Information Technology MSCIT16 Post Graduate MSCIT16 2 Years
14 Master of Science Chemistry MSCCH16 Post Graduate MSCCH16 2 Years
15 Master of Science Botany MSCBOT16 Post Graduate MSCBOT16 2 Years
16 Master of Laws LLM16 Post Graduate LLM16 2 Years
17 Master of Hotel Management MHM16 Post Graduate MHM16 2 Years
18 Master of Computer Application MCA16 Post Graduate MCA16 3 Years
19 Master of Commerce MCOM16 Post Graduate MCOM16 2 Years
20 Master of Business Administration MBA 16 Post Graduate MBA16 2 Years
21 Master Of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication MAJMC16 Post Graduate MAJMC16 2 Years
22 Master of Science in Geo Informatics MSCGIS16 Post Graduate MSCGIS16 2 Years
23 Master of Arts (Geo Informatics) MAGIS16 Post Graduate MAGIS16 2 Years
24 M.A. Yoga MAY16 Post Graduate MAY16 2 Years
25 M.A. Sanskrit MASL16 Post Graduate MASL16 2 Years
26 M.A. Hindi MAHL16 Post Graduate MAHL16 2 Years
27 M.A. Education MAED16 Post Graduate MAED16 2 Years
28 M.A. Economics MAEC16 Post Graduate MAEC16 2 Years
29 M.A Urdu MAUL16 Post Graduate MAUL16 2 Years
30 M. A. Sociology MASO16 Post Graduate MASO16 2 Years
31 M. A. Public Administration MAPA16 Post Graduate MAPA16 2 Years
32 M. A. Political Science MAPS16 Post Graduate MAPS16 2 Years
33 M. A. History MAHI16 Post Graduate MAHI16 2 Years
34 M. A. English MAEL16 Post Graduate MAEL16 2 Years
35 Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy DYN16 Diploma DYN16 1 Year
36 Diploma In Value Added Product From Fruits And Vegetables DVAPFV16 Diploma DVAPFV16 1 Year
37 Diploma in Tourism Studies DTS16 Diploma DTS16 1 Year
38 Diploma in Public Health and Community Nutrition DPHCN16 Diploma DPHCN16 1 Year
39 Diploma in Phalit Jyotish DPJ16 Diploma DPJ16 1 Year
40 Diploma in Hotel Management DHM16 Diploma DHM16 1 Year
41 Diploma in Front Office Management DFO16 Diploma DFO16 1 Year
42 Diploma in Commercial Horticulture DCH16 Diploma DCH16 1 Year
43 Diploma in Accommodation Management DAM16 Diploma DAM16 1 Year
44 Certificate in Yogic Science (CYS16) Certificate CYS16 6 Months
45 Certificate in Vedic Karmkand CVK16 Certificate CVK16 6 Months
46 Certificate in Phalit Jyotish CPJ16 Certificate CPJ16 6 Months
47 Certificate In Organic Farming CCOF16 Certificate CCOF16 6 Months
48 Certificate in Naturopathy (CIN16) Certificate CIN16 6 Months
49 Certificate in Mass Media CMM16 Certificate CMM16 6 Months
50 Certificate in Herbal Beauty Care CHBC16 Certificate CHBC16 6 Months