School of Management Studies & Commerce

Prof R. C. Mishra

The School of Management Studies & Commerce offers many programmes of study in ‘Management’ and ‘Commerce’. The aim of the School is to achieve excellence in all its academic pursuits. The School believes in the philosophy that ‘Open and Distance Learning’ (ODL) and ‘Face-to-Face’ learning cannot afford to have the two distinct sets of standards in terms of quality. Thus, the guiding norm of the School is to strive for value-based quality education for its learners.

Additionally, the School has a special orientation towards ‘Ethics and Human Values’. Accordingly, ‘Centre for Human Values and Ethics’ has been established under the aegis of the School. The focus of Management programmes is on the quality of management education by giving adequate attention to application of knowledge, self- awareness amongst learners, development of problem solving aptitude and decision making skills.

The MBA, DIM, PGDMM and PGDHRM are recognized by the tri-partite Committee of AICTE, UGC, and DEC. In the Department of Commerce, the conventional B.Com. and M.Com. programmes are on offer and a large number of learners take admission in these programmes every year. Eligibility for admission to M.Com. is the B.Com. degree from any recognized University. Further, the Department of Commerce offers one certificate programme (Certificate Course in Office Management- CCOM). BBA, MBA, DIM, PGDHRM and PGDMM are offered on the pattern of semester system of examination and B.Com. and M.Com. programmes of study are offered on the annual pattern of examination. Admission to MBA, DIM, PGDHRM and PGDMM is through entrance test, guidelines whereof are given in the Appendix-3 of this prospectus.

The School has its blog for communicating with learners. The address of the blog is

Departments Faculty Members
1. Management Studies

Dr. Manjari Agarwal, Assistant Professor

Mr. Sumit Prasad, Assistant Professor

2. Commerce Dr. Gagan Singh, Assistant Professor
3. Centre for Human Values and Ethics -