University Schools

School of Social Science

Prof Girija Pande

The School offers programmes like Economics, Political Science, Public Administration, History and Sociology. The University offers the programmes in English and Hindi both. The School is also starting some new courses like "Master of Social Work" (MSW) and certificate courses in "Panchayati Raj"

School of Management Studies & Commerce

Prof R. C. Mishra

The School of Management Studies & Commerce offers many programmes of study in ‘Management’ and ‘Commerce’. The aim of the School is to achieve excellence in all its academic pursuits. The School believes in the philosophy that ‘Open and Distance Learning’ (ODL) and ‘Face-to-Face’ learning cannot afford to have the two distinct sets of standards in terms of quality. Thus, the guiding norm of the School is to strive for value-based quality education for its learners.

Additionally, the School has a special orientation towards ‘Ethics and Human Values’. Accordingly, ‘Centre for Human Values and Ethics’ has been established under the aegis of the School. The focus of Management programmes is on the quality of management education by giving adequate attention to application of knowledge, self- awareness amongst learners, development of problem solving aptitude and decision making skills.

The MBA, DIM, PGDMM and PGDHRM are recognized by the tri-partite Committee of AICTE, UGC, and DEC. In the Department of Commerce, the conventional B.Com. and M.Com. programmes are on offer and a large number of learners take admission in these programmes every year. Eligibility for admission to M.Com. is the B.Com. degree from any recognized University. Further, the Department of Commerce offers one certificate programme (Certificate Course in Office Management- CCOM). BBA, MBA, DIM, PGDHRM and PGDMM are offered on the pattern of semester system of examination and B.Com. and M.Com. programmes of study are offered on the annual pattern of examination. Admission to MBA, DIM, PGDHRM and PGDMM is through entrance test, guidelines whereof are given in the Appendix-3 of this prospectus.

The School has its blog for communicating with learners. The address of the blog is

Departments Faculty Members
1. Management Studies

Dr. Manjari Agarwal, Assistant Professor

Mr. Sumit Prasad, Assistant Professor

2. Commerce Dr. Gagan Singh, Assistant Professor
3. Centre for Human Values and Ethics -


School of Tourism & Hotel Management

Prof R. C. Mishra

Professional hospitality education and training today have assumed significance catering to the global hospitality industry and other service sectors. Hospitality business is poised to create many new jobs, requiring appropriate education and training at all levels in this specialized sector of education. Teaching in this specialized area integrates both education and training to create and equip both supervisory level and entry level through a mix of education and training activities. The requirement in this modern arena is to provide a trained manpower in Tourism, and Hospitality & Hotel Administration. The basic objectives of these programmes are to provide certificate to:

  1. Persons who are in job and want to upgrade their qualifications.
  2. Persons who live in remote areas & hilly terrains where not many options of Pursuing higher education are available.
  3. The aspirants who wish to upgrade their knowledge through distance mode due to many reasons.

Opportunities in the field of tourism and hotel management exist with government tourism departments as well as in the private sector with travel agencies, civil aviation, tour operators and as free lancers. Self employment is a common feature in this sector.

The facilities proposed through norms and standards of this programme shall cater to delivery of the education and training of long and short duration programmes. The demand of the trained personnel in Tourism and Hospitality sectors on annual basis is huge and the objective is to provide training through standardized curriculum, not just for hotel and restaurant business but also for different spectrum of hospitality service sectors. Keeping this in view Uttarakhand Open University has started the academic programmes in Tourism, and Hospitality & Hotel Administration.


  1. Department of Tourism
  2. Department of Hotel Management

School of Agriculture & Development Studies

The University offers the programmes in English and Hindi both. The School is also starting new programmes like B. Sc. Agriculture Degree Programme and 10 Vocational Certificate courses in Agriculture and Allied subjects.

School of Health Sciences

Prof R. C. Mishra

The school offers programms like Food and Nutrition, Medical Science. The university offers the programmes in Hindi. The school is also starting a new programme Diploma in Public Health and Community Nutrition & Diploma course of Medical Technicians

School of Education

The school offers M.A. Education programme. It aims at providing opportunities for the intensive study of the sociological, philosophical and psychological bases of education and opportunities for the study of the educational trends in the historical and contemporary perspectives. It integrates knowledge so that students may become able to avail the opportunities of employment.

Faculty Members:

1. Prof. Govind Singh (Director Incharge)

2. Dr. Dinesh Kumar (Assistant Professor)

3. Dr. Praveen Kumar Tiwari (Assistant Professor)

4. Mamta Tamta (Assistant Professor)

5. Mrs. Bhawna Paladiya (Assistant Professor)

6. Shri Siddartha Pokhariyal (Academic Associate)

7. Mrs. Manisha Pant (Counsellor)


B.Ed. ODL Programme

School of Computer Sciences & Information Technology

Prof Durgesh Pant

The School offers a full range of programmes in Computer Science & Information Technology (Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Post graduate Degree programmes, Ph.D) for the benefit of one and all.The main focus of the school is to expose the students with the latest technologies in the field of Computer Science & Information Technology so that the student is able to fill the gap that exists between the supply and the demand of the technically trained manpower in the field of CS & IT.


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School of Sciences

Dr. P. D. Pant

Introduction: The School of Sciences, established in 2012 to impart quality education in various disciplines of science through Open and Distance Learning mode. The School offers B.Sc. with different subject combinations and M.Sc. in different subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Botany). At present the University has MOU with B. R. Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad, and Vardhaman Mahavir Open University, Kota for providing study material for M.Sc. and B.Sc. degree programme. The school is in the process of development of its own study material. With the firm belief that practical is an essential parts of science education, the different departments of the school organize practical workshops at various science study centers of the university to provide additional support to students. Under the guidance of renowned Director, Prof Durgesh Pant, today the School of Sciences has become one of the main constituents of the University with a large number of science students.



  • Departments of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Botany
  • Department of Zoology
  • Department of Geography
  • Department of Environmental Sciences

The functions of the School:
1. Plan, develop and offer academic programmes at the diploma, undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral levels. 
2. Collaborate in the development of programmes/ courses with other Universities.
3. Provide learner support using video lecture, radio talks, electronic media and ICT tools.
4. Participate in the development and monitoring of student support services.
5. Organize and participate in workshops, conferences and seminars.

The School has highly qualified, experienced, specialized and dedicated faculty, who have obtained postgraduate and research degrees from reputed Indian universities. Some of them have also served other Indian universities with distinction. The faculty keeps themselves abreast with the latest developments in their respective disciplines. The faculty has regularly been participating in seminars and conferences at national and international levels and has carved out a significant niche for themselves in their own fields. The Director, Prof Pant, always inspires the faculty to continue research besides working on unit writing, assignments, conducting workshops and other academic works.

School Faculty Members

  • Dr Kamal Devlal, Assistant Professor, Physics
  • Dr. Charu C. Pant, Academic Associate, Chemistry
  • Dr. Pooja Juyal, Academic Associate, Botany
  • Dr Ranju Joshi Pandey, Academic Associate, Geography
  • Dr. Shyam Kunjwal, Academic Associate, Zoology

School of Humanities

Prof H.P. Shukla

School of Languages currently offers programmes and courses in English, Hindi and Sanskrit. The undergraduate courses in these languages are offered as electives in the B. A. Programme. The Postgraduate programme – M. A. – is available in all the three languages. In addition, One year diploma and six month certificate programmes are offered in Sanskrit. Two certificate courses, each of six months duration (114 study hours) and in CBT module, are offered at select Study Centres in collaboration with LIQVID: 1. Elementary-Plus English
Edge, 2. Basic English Edge. The School shall soon launch certificate and undergraduate
courses in Urdu.