SNo Course Code Programme Code Creditssort icon Year / Semester
51 Linux System Administration Artificial Intelligence MCA20 MCA11 5th Semester
52 Linux System Administration (Elective I) MCA20 5th Semester
53 Computer Graphics (Elective I) MCA20B MCA11 5th Semester
54 Fundamentals of Cyber Law & The Emerging Jurisprudence CYL101 PGDCL12 1st Year
55 Intellectual Property Issues & Cyberspace- The Indian Perspective CYL102 PGDCL12 1st Year
56 E-Commerce & Digital Evidence CYL103 PGDCL12 1st Year
57 Cyber Crimes & Consumer Protection in Cyberspace CYL104 PGDCL12 1st Year
58 उर्दू नस्र BAUL301 BA12 3rd Year
59 उर्दू नस्र BAUL301 BAS12 3rd Year
60 Computer Programming ES501 MSCEN12 1st Year
61 Ecology and Natural Resource Management ES502 MSCEN12 1st Year
62 Environmental Remote Sensing and GIS ES503 MSCEN12 1st Year
63 Environmental Health and Natural Hazards ES504 MSCEN12 1st Year
64 Air pollution and Control Technologies ES551 MSCEN12 2nd Year
65 EIA and Waste Management ES552 MSCEN12 2nd Year
66 Water amd Waste water Treatment Technologies ES553 MSCEN12 2nd Year
67 Global Environmental Issues ES554 MSCEN12 2nd Year
68 व्यष्टि अर्थशास्त्र MAEC101 MAEC12 1st Year
69 समष्टि अर्थशास्त्र MAEC102 MAEC12 1st Year
70 भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था MAEC103 MAEC12 1st Year
71 परिमाणात्मक विधियां MAEC104 MAEC12 1st Year
72 Development Economics MAEC105 MAEC12 2nd Year
73 Public Economic MAEC106 MAEC12 2nd Year
74 International Economics MAEC107 MAEC12 2nd Year
75 Agriculture Economics MAEC108 MAEC12 2nd Year
76 Demography MAEC109 MAEC12 2nd Year
77 Applied Psychology BAPSY302 BA12 3rd Year
78 Theories and System of Psychology BAPSY301 BA12 3rd Year
79 Computer based accounting and financial management BCA04 BCA11 2nd Semester
80 Discrete mathematics BCA05 BCA11 2nd Semester
81 Data structure through C language BCA06 BCA11 2nd Semester
82 Object Oriented Programming through C++ BCA08 BCA11 3rd Semester
83 Programming in Java MSCIT13 MSCIT12 4th Semester
84 Advance Database Management System MSCIT14 MSCIT12 4th Semester
85 System Software MSCIT15 MSCIT12 4th Semester
86 Project & Viva voce MSCIT16 MSCIT12 4th Semester
87 उर्दू शायरी BAUL302 BA12 3rd Year
88 उर्दू शायरी BAUL302 BAS12 3rd Year
89 ग़ज़ल कसीदा और रुबाई MAUL101 MAUL12 1st Year
90 मसनवी मर्सिया और नज़म MAUL102 MAUL12 1st Year
91 उर्दू ज़बान ओ अदब की तारीख MAUL103 MAUL12 1st Year
92 फारसी व हिंदी ज़बान-ओ-अदब MAUL104 MAUL12 1st Year
93 उर्दू तन्कीद MAUL201 MAUL12 2nd Year
94 तर्जुमानिगारी और अब्लागियात MAUL202 MAUL12 2nd Year
95 दास्तान, ड्रामा,नोविल और अफसाना MAUL203 MAUL12 2nd Year
96 गैर अफसानवी अदब MAUL204 MAUL12 2nd Year
97 English Usage BAEL101 BA12 1st Year
98 Advanced Reading and Writing Skills BAEL102 BA12 1st Year
99 Introducing Literature BAEL201 BA12 2nd Year
100 Prose and Fiction BAEL202 BA12 2nd Year