SNo Course Code Programme Code Credits Year / Semester
551 Sales and Distribution Management MM2208 MBA10 6 4th Semester
552 International Marketing MM2209 MBA10 6 4th Semester
553 Material Reqirement Planning MU2404 MBA10 6 4th Semester
554 Logistics and Supply Chain Management MU2405 MBA10 6 4th Semester
555 Productivity and Total Quality Management MU2406 MBA10 6 4th Semester
556 Applied Operations Research MU2407 MBA10 6 4th Semester
557 Project Management MU2408 MBA10 6 4th Semester
558 Business Values and Ethics BBA401 BBA10 6 4th Semester
559 Indian Business Environment BBA402 BBA10 6 4th Semester
560 Business Laws BBA403 BBA10 6 6th Semester
561 Business Research Methods BBA404 BBA10 6 4th Semester
562 Tourism Concept and Linkages BTS101 BTS12 1st Semester
563 Principles of Management BTS102 BTS12 1st Semester
564 Introduction to Marketing BTS103 BTS12 1st Semester
565 Indian History, Society and Culture BTS104 BTS12 1st Semester
566 Tourism Resources of Northern India BTS201 BTS12 2nd Semester
567 Travel Agency and Tour Operations Business BTS202 BTS12 2nd Semester
568 International Tourism BTS203 BTS12 2nd Semester
569 Hospitality, Hotel and Hoteliering BTS204 BTS12 2nd Semester
570 Tourism Resources of Southern India BTS301 BTS12 3rd Semester
571 Itinerary Preparation and Tour Packaging BTS302 BTS12 3rd Semester
572 Computer Applications in Tourism BTS303 BTS12 3rd Semester
573 Business Communication BTS304 BTS12 3rd Semester
574 Tourism Resources of Eastern India BTS401 BTS12 4th Semester
575 Airlines Ticketing and Cargo Operations BTS402 BTS12 4th Semester
576 Tourism, Travel and Transport BTS403 BTS12 4th Semester
577 Accounting and Financial Management BTS404 BTS12 4th Semester
578 Fundamental of Human Resource and Organization Behaviour BTS501 BTS12 5th Semester
579 Leading World Destinations BTS502 BTS12 5th Semester
580 Tourism Impacts BTS503 BTS12 5th Semester
581 Industrial Training or Project Report BTS504 BTS12 5th Semester
582 Truistic Heritage of Uttarakhand BTS601 BTS12 6th Semester
583 Tourism Policy and Planning BTS602 BTS12 6th Semester
584 MICE Tourism BTS603 BTS12 6th Semester
585 Entrepreneurship Development BTS604 BTS12 6th Semester
586 Tourism: Concepts and Linkages MTM101 MTM12 1st Semester
587 Principles of Management MTM102 MTM12 1st Semester
588 Introduction to Marketing MTM103 MTM12 1st Semester
589 Indian History, Society and Culture MTM104 MTM12 1st Semester
590 Tourism Resources of India MTM201 MTM12 2nd Semester
591 Introduction to Travel and Hotel Operation MTM202 MTM12 2nd Semester
592 International Tourism: Trends and Typologies MTM203 MTM12 2nd Semester
593 MIS for Tourism MTM204 MTM12 2nd Semester
594 Human Resource Management MTM301 MTM12 3rd Semester
595 Itinerary Planning and Tour Packaging MTM302 MTM12 3rd Semester
596 Research Methodology MTM303 MTM12 3rd Semester
597 Financial Accounting MTM304 MTM12 3rd Semester
598 Industrial Training or Dissertation MTM305 MTM12 3rd Semester
599 Airlines Ticketing and Cargo Operations MTM401 MTM12 4th Semester
600 Tourism Policy and Planning MTM402 MTM12 4th Semester