SNo Course Code Programme Code Credits Year / Semestersort icon
601 प्रयोगात्मक - 2 MAMT204 MAMT11 14 2nd Year
602 उर्दू शायरी BAUL202 BA12 2nd Year
603 उर्दू शायरी BAUL202 BAS12 2nd Year
604 उर्दू नस्र BAUL201 BA12 2nd Year
605 उर्दू नस्र BAUL201 BAS12 2nd Year
606 Reaction Mechnnisms, Pericyclic Reaction, Photochemistry and Stereo Chemistry CHE551 MSCCH12 2nd Year
607 Synthetic Organic Chemistry CHE552 MSCCH12 2nd Year
608 Natural Products, Heterocycles and Spectroscopy CHE553 MSCCH12 2nd Year
609 Drugs and Pharmaceuticals CHE554 MSCCH12 2nd Year
610 अध्‍यापक शिक्षा MED206 MED12 2nd Year
611 मापन एवं मूल्‍यांकन MED205 MED12 2nd Year
612 समावेशित शिक्षा MED204 MED12 2nd Year
613 निर्देशन एवं परामर्श MED203 MED12 2nd Year
614 प्रायोगिक एवं सत्रीय कार्य MED202 MED12 2nd Year
615 Inorganic Chemistry CH05 BSCG12 2nd Year
616 Organic Chemistry CH06 BSCG12 2nd Year
617 Physical Chemistry CH07 BSCG12 2nd Year
618 Practical Chemistry CH08 BSCG12 2nd Year
619 Nuclear Physics and Analytical Techniques PHY551 MSCPHY12 4 2nd Year
620 Electromagnetic Theory and Spectroscopy PHY552 MSCPHY12 4 2nd Year
621 Memory Devices and Microprocessors PHY553 MSCPHY12 4 2nd Year
622 Microwave devices and Communication system PHY554 MSCPHY12 4 2nd Year
623 Laboratory Course PHY555L MSCPHY12 2nd Year
624 Immunology ZO551 MSCZO12 2nd Year
625 Animal Biotechnology ZO552 MSCZO12 2nd Year
626 Toxicology ZO553 MSCZO12 2nd Year
627 Applied Entomology ZO554 MSCZO12 2nd Year
628 Cell Biology, Genetics, Biostatistics and Ecology BOT551 MSCBOT12 2nd Year
629 Medicinal Plants and Embryology of Angiosperms BOT552 MSCBOT12 2nd Year
630 Applied Mycology and Plant Pathology BOT553 MSCBOT12 2nd Year
631 Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology BOT554 MSCBOT12 2nd Year
632 Air pollution and Control Technologies ES551 MSCEN12 2nd Year
633 EIA and Waste Management ES552 MSCEN12 2nd Year
634 Water amd Waste water Treatment Technologies ES553 MSCEN12 2nd Year
635 Global Environmental Issues ES554 MSCEN12 2nd Year
636 Development Economics MAEC105 MAEC12 2nd Year
637 Public Economic MAEC106 MAEC12 2nd Year
638 International Economics MAEC107 MAEC12 2nd Year
639 Agriculture Economics MAEC108 MAEC12 2nd Year
640 Demography MAEC109 MAEC12 2nd Year
641 उर्दू तन्कीद MAUL201 MAUL12 2nd Year
642 तर्जुमानिगारी और अब्लागियात MAUL202 MAUL12 2nd Year
643 दास्तान, ड्रामा,नोविल और अफसाना MAUL203 MAUL12 2nd Year
644 गैर अफसानवी अदब MAUL204 MAUL12 2nd Year
645 Introducing Literature BAEL201 BA12 2nd Year
646 Prose and Fiction BAEL202 BA12 2nd Year
647 English poetry of the 19th and 20th Centuries MAEL201 MAEL12 2nd Year
648 Shakespearean Drama MEAL202 MAEL12 2nd Year
649 Indian Writing in English and in English Translation MAEL203 MAEL12 2nd Year
650 Indian and Modern Literary Theory and Criticism MAEL204 MAEL12 2nd Year