SNo Course Code Programme Code Credits Year / Semester
651 Inorganic Chemistry CHE505 MSCCH12 1st Year
652 Organic Chemistry CHE506 MSCCH12 1st Year
653 Physical Chemistry CHE507 MSCCH12 1st Year
654 Spectroscopy, Computers and Mathematics/ Biology CHE508 MSCCH12 1st Year
655 अध्‍यापक शिक्षा MED206 MED12 2nd Year
656 मापन एवं मूल्‍यांकन MED205 MED12 2nd Year
657 समावेशित शिक्षा MED204 MED12 2nd Year
658 निर्देशन एवं परामर्श MED203 MED12 2nd Year
659 प्रायोगिक एवं सत्रीय कार्य MED202 MED12 2nd Year
660 Inorganic Chemistry CH05 BSCG12 2nd Year
661 Organic Chemistry CH06 BSCG12 2nd Year
662 Physical Chemistry CH07 BSCG12 2nd Year
663 Practical Chemistry CH08 BSCG12 2nd Year
664 Mathematical Physics and Classical Mechanics PHY501 MSCPHY12 4 1st Year
665 Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics PHY502 MSCPHY12 4 1st Year
666 Solid State Physics PHY503 MSCPHY12 4 1st Year
667 Semiconductor Devices, Analog and Digital Electronics PHY504 MSCPHY12 4 1st Year
668 Laboratory Course PHY505L MSCPHY12 1st Year
669 Nuclear Physics and Analytical Techniques PHY551 MSCPHY12 4 2nd Year
670 Electromagnetic Theory and Spectroscopy PHY552 MSCPHY12 4 2nd Year
671 Memory Devices and Microprocessors PHY553 MSCPHY12 4 2nd Year
672 Microwave devices and Communication system PHY554 MSCPHY12 4 2nd Year
673 Laboratory Course PHY555L MSCPHY12 2nd Year
674 Animal Diversity and Ecology ZO501 MSCZO12 1st Year
675 Cell and Molecular Biology ZO502 MSCZO12 1st Year
676 Animal Physiology and Physiological Chemistry ZO503 MSCZO12 1st Year
677 Human Cytogenetics and Developmental Biology ZO504 MSCZO12 1st Year
678 Immunology ZO551 MSCZO12 2nd Year
679 Animal Biotechnology ZO552 MSCZO12 2nd Year
680 Toxicology ZO553 MSCZO12 2nd Year
681 Applied Entomology ZO554 MSCZO12 2nd Year
682 Biology and Diversity of Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi BOT501 MSCBOT12 1st Year
683 Biology and Diversity of Algae, Bryophyta and Pteridophyta BOT502 MSCBOT12 1st Year
684 Gymnosperms, Taxonomy of Angiosperms and Anatomy BOT503 MSCBOT12 1st Year
685 Biochemistry and Plant Physiology BOT504 MSCBOT12 1st Year
686 Cell Biology, Genetics, Biostatistics and Ecology BOT551 MSCBOT12 2nd Year
687 Medicinal Plants and Embryology of Angiosperms BOT552 MSCBOT12 2nd Year
688 Applied Mycology and Plant Pathology BOT553 MSCBOT12 2nd Year
689 Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology BOT554 MSCBOT12 2nd Year
690 Softare Engineering MCA17 MCA11 5th Semester
691 Formal Languages and Automata MCA18 MCA11 5th Semester
692 Data Communication and Computer networks MCA19 MCA11 5th Semester
693 Linux System Administration Artificial Intelligence MCA20 MCA11 5th Semester
694 Linux System Administration (Elective I) MCA20 5th Semester
695 Computer Graphics (Elective I) MCA20B MCA11 5th Semester
696 Fundamentals of Cyber Law & The Emerging Jurisprudence CYL101 PGDCL12 1st Year
697 Intellectual Property Issues & Cyberspace- The Indian Perspective CYL102 PGDCL12 1st Year
698 E-Commerce & Digital Evidence CYL103 PGDCL12 1st Year
699 Cyber Crimes & Consumer Protection in Cyberspace CYL104 PGDCL12 1st Year
700 अकार्बनिक रसायन CH01 BSCG12 18 1st Year