SNo Course Code Programme Code Credits Year / Semestersort icon
851 Project Management MU2408 MBA10 6 4th Semester
852 Business Values and Ethics BBA401 BBA10 6 4th Semester
853 Indian Business Environment BBA402 BBA10 6 4th Semester
854 Business Research Methods BBA404 BBA10 6 4th Semester
855 Tourism Resources of Eastern India BTS401 BTS12 4th Semester
856 Airlines Ticketing and Cargo Operations BTS402 BTS12 4th Semester
857 Tourism, Travel and Transport BTS403 BTS12 4th Semester
858 Accounting and Financial Management BTS404 BTS12 4th Semester
859 Airlines Ticketing and Cargo Operations MTM401 MTM12 4th Semester
860 Tourism Policy and Planning MTM402 MTM12 4th Semester
861 Ecology of Tourism and Tourism Impacts MTM403 MTM12 4th Semester
862 Tourism Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship Development MTM404 MTM12 4th Semester
863 Programming in Java MSCIT13 MSCIT12 4th Semester
864 Advance Database Management System MSCIT14 MSCIT12 4th Semester
865 System Software MSCIT15 MSCIT12 4th Semester
866 Project & Viva voce MSCIT16 MSCIT12 4th Semester
867 Strategic Management CP3001 MBA10 6 5th Semester
868 International Business CP3002 MBA10 6 5th Semester
869 Fundamental of Human Resource and Organization Behaviour BTS501 BTS12 5th Semester
870 Leading World Destinations BTS502 BTS12 5th Semester
871 Tourism Impacts BTS503 BTS12 5th Semester
872 Industrial Training or Project Report BTS504 BTS12 5th Semester
873 Softare Engineering MCA17 MCA11 5th Semester
874 Formal Languages and Automata MCA18 MCA11 5th Semester
875 Data Communication and Computer networks MCA19 MCA11 5th Semester
876 Linux System Administration Artificial Intelligence MCA20 MCA11 5th Semester
877 Linux System Administration (Elective I) MCA20 5th Semester
878 Computer Graphics (Elective I) MCA20B MCA11 5th Semester
879 Business Laws BBA403 BBA10 6 6th Semester
880 Truistic Heritage of Uttarakhand BTS601 BTS12 6th Semester
881 Tourism Policy and Planning BTS602 BTS12 6th Semester
882 MICE Tourism BTS603 BTS12 6th Semester
883 Entrepreneurship Development BTS604 BTS12 6th Semester
884 Project & Viva-voce MCA23 MCA11 6th Semester
885 Web Technology MCA21 MCA11 6th Semester
886 Electronic Commerce/Data Mining and Data Warehousing MCA22 MCA11 6th Semester
887 Digital Literacy DL10 BCAPP10 6 Six Months Course
888 Mathematics MA10 BCAPP10 6 Six Months Course
889 Preparatory Programme in Commerce PCO BCPP10 NA Six Months Course
890 Bookkeeping and Business Mathematics BBM BCPP10 NA Six Months Course
891 Office Management CCOM01 CCOM10 8 Six Months Course
892 Fundamental English CCOM03 CCOM10 4 Six Months Course
893 कंप्यूटर व्यावसयिक अनुप्रयोग CCOM02 CCOM10 4 Six Months Course
894 विक्रय कला के तत्व CCSM01 CCSM10 8 Six Months Course
895 प्रबन्‍धकों के लिये विपणन CCSM02 CCSM10 8 Six Months Course
896 Introduction to Informatics CGIS01 CGIS11 4 Six Months Course
897 Geographical Information Systems CGIS02 CGIS11 6 Six Months Course
898 Remote Sensing & GPS CGIS03 CGIS11 6 Six Months Course
899 Introduction to Information Technology CCA01 CCA11 4 Six Months Course
900 Tools for Office Automation CCA02 CCA11 4 Six Months Course