Principles Of Management
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

The objective of this course is to acquaint the student with the fundamentals of management concepts and its application in organizations.


Concept and Nature of Management:- Significance of Management; Meaning of Management; Changes in Management Concepts; Nature of Management; Management a Science or an Art or a Profession; Functions of Management; Managerial Hierarchy; Management skills; Social Responsibilities and Ethics. Management Thought:- Approaches to Management - Max Weber's Bureaucracy; F.W. Taylor’s Scientific Management; Henry Fayol's Process and Operational Management; Human Relations Approach; Behavioral Approach; System Approach and Contingency Approach. Planning and Decision Making;- Concept, Nature and Elements of Planning; Kinds of Plans; Levels of Planning; Various Stages (steps) in Planning; Decision Making and Process of Rational Decision Making; Concept of Organizational Structure; Bases of Organizing; Delegation and Decentralization of Authority. Leading Management Control:- Meaning and Significance of Leadership; Leadership Styles; Essentials of Successful Leadership; COMMUNICATIONS;- Importance and Process of Communication; Barriers to Communications and Overcoming these Barriers; Principles of Effective Communication. MOTIVATION;- Definition, Motives and Motivation, Models of Motivation-Maslow's Need Hierarchy Model, M.C.Greger's Participation Model, Herzberg's Model Varoom's Model, Alderfer's and Mc Clelland's Models. CONTROLLING;- Definition and Elements of Control Process; Kinds of Control System; Pre-¬Requisites of Effective Control System; An Overview of Budgetary And Non-Budgetary Control Devices.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Principles of Management (McGraw Hill) - Koontz & O’Donnel
  2. Essentials of Management (Prentice Hall of India) - Joseph I, Massie
  3. The Practice of Management (Allied Publishers) - Peter F Drucker
  4. Tasks, Management, Responsibility & Practice - Peter F Drucker
  5. Management (Prentice Hall of India) - Stoner, James AF
  6. Organizational Behaviour (McGraw Hill – 10th Ed) - Fred Luthans
  7. Human Behaviour at Work (Tata McGraw Hill-7th Ed)- Keith Davis
  8. Organizational Behaviour - Robins SP
  9. Psychological Dimensions of Organizational Behaviour- Staw BM
  10. Human Relations & Organizational Behaviour - R.S. Dwivedi
  11. Management-global perspective -Heinz Weirich, Harold Koontz
  12. Principles of Management 3rd Edition P.C.Tripathi, P.N.Reddy
  13. Essentials of Management-Harold Koontz, Heinz Weihrich 7th Edition