Computers in Management
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

To develop in students an appreciation of detailed working of Computers, different Software and Hardware systems available in the industry and it’s utility to the business.


Introduction to Computers: Classification, Evolution, Computer System Organization (Hardware, Software & User), Capabilities, Characteristics & Limitations of Computer System, Operating System - Types & Features, Multiprogramming, Multi User system. Number System & Programming Languages: Binary Number System, Computer Languages and its types, Generation of Computer Languages. Character Codes (ASCII, EBCDIC, ISCII) Data Processing Cycle, Business Information and Automation, Classification of Information, Characteristics of Information. Impact of Computers on Society, Computer Applications in Offices, Communication, Education, Medical field, Banks.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. David, Van Over : Foundations of Business Systems.
  2. Jain , Satish : Computer fundamentals.
  3. Laudon & Laudon : Working Information System.
  4. Mansfield, Ron : Working in Microsoft Office.
  5. Malhatra : Computer in Management.
  6. Raja Raman, V. : Computer Fundamentals.
  7. Sinha, P.K. : Computer Fundamentals.
  8. Taxali : PC Software made easy.
  9. Waswani, Kakar : Fundamentals of computer Science.
  10. Zxvier, C. : Introduction to Computers.