Business Communication
Year / Semester: 
2nd Semester

The object of this subject is to cultivate effective communication skills oral as well as written in the students.


Introducing the Concept: Meaning, Nature and scope of communication, Process of Communication, Characteristics of Business Communication, Importance of Effective B.C. Objectives of B.C. Types/Pattern of B.C.; Media/Channels of B.C. Principles of B.C.; Barriers to B.C. Written Communication-I (a) Business Letter Writing, (b) Business Report Writing, Importance, Need, Types, Techniques, Language, Structure, Planning and Drafting.
Written Communication-II; (a) Preparing Official Communication, Circular, Notification, Amendment, Press Communiqué, DO letter, Telegram. (b) Writing proposals, Agenda and Minutes of meeting. Dictating: Importance of Dictation, Suggestions for better dictation, Giving Instructions and Demonstration, Clear Instructions on Individual Jobs, Suggestions for Cutting correspondence costs. Oral Communication; Communicating with one: Interviewing- Art of effective interviewing, Types of Interviewing, Techniques of Interviewing, Qualities of Interviewer and Interviewer, Planning of Interviewing, Process of Interviewing. Communicating within groups: Presentational speaking-preparation of speech, Presentation of Speech, Guidelines for Effective Speech making. Communicating within groups: Discussion and Conference Participating and leading in conferences, Planning and Procedure of problem-solving conferences. Importance of Body language in interview, Speech and conference Audiovisual Communication: Role of Audio-Visual Communication, Channels of Audio-Visual Communication, Importance of Body language in non-verbal communication, Graphic Communication, Types of Graphical display, Merits and Demerits of Graphical Display. Role of Public Relation in Business Communication, Objective of P.R., Tools of P.R., Interaction between P.R. and Journalism. Role of Advertisement in Business Communication, Characteristics of Effective Advertisement, Art of Effective Advertisement, Structure of Advertisement Copy, Types of Advertisement copy.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. R.C. Sharma & Krishna Mohan: Business Communication & Report Writing, TMH, New Delhi.
  2. Raman. S & Swami. R: Business Communication – A Practical Approach, Professional Publications, Madras.
  3. Ramesh & Pattanashetti: Effective Business English & Correspondence.
  4. Majumdar: Commercial Correspondence.
  5. Urmila Rai: Commercial Correspondence.
  6. Pink and Thomsan: English Grammar, Composition and Correspondence.
  7. P N Reddy and Appanniah: Essentials of Business Communication.