Company Accounts
Year / Semester: 
2nd Semester

This course aims at providing the students the knowledge of theories and practices of keeping account in the company.


Accounting for share capital transaction. Issue of shares at par, at premium and at discount. Forfeiture of shares. Re-issue of forfeited shares; Redemption of preference shares. Debentures; Issue of debentures, provision for redemption of debentures and redemption of debentures. Preparation of final accounts of companies having regard to the provisions of companies Act., 1956 in general and Schedule VI to the Companies Act in particular. Underwriting Commission and Underwriting Agreement, Accounting treatement and determination of the liability of underwriters. Simple problems of amalgamation, Absorption and External Reconstruction.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Advanced Accounting Vol II: R.L. Gupta, S. Chand & Sons, New Delhi
  2. Advanced Accounting by T.S. Grewal and M.C. Shukla, S. Chand & Sons, N. Delhi
  3. Advanced Accounting by S.P. Jain & K.L. Narang, Kalyani Publishers, N. Delhi
  4. Company Accounts by J.R. Monga 5. Company Accounts by R.L. Gupta