Basic Digital Electronics
Year / Semester: 
2nd Semester

To study about the basic digital electronics to understand basic architecture of the computer system.


Number systems and Data Representation

Introduction, basic features of Digital System, Number Systems, Inter conversion of Two Different Number Systems.

Codes and Binary Arithmetic

Introduction, Codes, Arithmetic Operations.

Boolen Algebra and Simplification Techniques

Introduction, Switching Algebra, Boolean Variable and Boolean Algebra, Boolean Constant and Operators, Boolean Functions and Truth Tables, Equivalence of Boolean Expressions, Boolean Laws and Theorems.

Digital Logic and Arithmetic Circuits

Introduction, Digital Logic Gates, Logic Design using Basic Gates, Universal Gates.

Combinational Circuits

Introduction, Combinational Circuit and its Tyes, Design procedure for Combinational Circuit, Encoders, Decoders, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers.

Flip Flops

Introduction, Flip-flops, Types of Flip-flops, Togging Modes of S-R and D Flip-Flops, Triggering of Flip-Flops.

Registers and Counters

Introduction, Registers, Shift Registers and its Types, Serial In-Serial Out Shift Register, Parallel In-Parallel Out Register, Counters and its Tyes, Asynchronous or Ripple Counter, Synchronous Counters.

Memory Organizatyion the Intoduction to Storage System

Intoruction, Memory System Design, Memory Hierarchy, Memory Characteristics, Memory Classification, Buffer, ROMs and Their Classification, Applications of ROMs, Secondary Storage Devices, FD and its tyes, HD, Floppy Disk, Oprical Disk, CD Rom, Magnetic Tape, Smart Cards, Flash memory Cards, Comparative characteristics of seconday memories, Cache memory and virtual memory.

Microprocessor and CPU Design

Introduction, CPU, Microprocessor and cpu ORGANIZATION, Clock and its speed, Processor and its tyes, parallel Processing and Parallel Computers, CPU related terminoloties.

Basic Computer Design

Introcution, Machine Instructions, instruction Cycle, Instruction Format, Addressing Modes.

CISC and RISC Architecture

Introduction, CISC, RISC Machines.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Basic Digital Electronics by Alvis J. Evans.
  2. Electronics: Basic, Analog, and Digital with PSpice by Nassir H. Sabah
  3. Basic Digital Electronics by Ray Ryan
  4. Basic Digital Electronics by M.Mano.