Operating System and Linux Basics
Year / Semester: 
4th Semester

The objective of the course is to give knowledge of the operating system so that the student can understand the functions of operating system with study of Linux.


Operating System

Introduction to DOS, DOS commands

Windows XP

Windows XP Requirement, Mouse Basics, Desktop. Components of a Window, Menu bar options

Working with Windows

Getting familiar with the Desktop, Opening an Icon from the Desktop, Starting a Program, Moving from one window to another, Making the My Computer windows Active, Making the Notepad window active, Enlarging a windows to Screen Size, Reverting a window to its Previous Size. Reducing the window to a Taskbar Button, Adjusting the window size freely, Closing a window. Creating a Short-cut for a Program, Deleting the Shortcut icon, deleting the contents of the Recycle Bin

Unix/ Linux operating system

getting started on unix, file system – files & directories, unix tools, text editor vi & text processing

Introduction to linux

Introduction, History, Linux as Operating System. Multitasking Operating System. Multi User Operating, Minimum Hardware Requirement for Linux, Linux as File Server,Peer to Peer File Sharing, Linux as Print Server, Linux as Database Server, Linux as An Application Server, Linux as Router, Linux as Workstation

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Silberschatz, Avi; Galvin, Peter; Gagne, Greg (2008). Operating Systems Concepts.
  2. Deitel, Harvey M.; Deitel, Paul; Choffnes, David. Operating Systems.
  3. Andrew S. Tanenbaum;Operating System design and implementation;PHP
  4. Behrouz A. Foroujan,Richard F. Gilberg;Unix and Shell Progragramming;Thomas Press