Visual Basic
Year / Semester: 
4th Semester

To understand Visual Basic and starting programming using various components of the visual basic.



Visual Basic Programming Introduction, Program development process, VB Environment, Opening a Project, Saving Project, Executing a project.

Data Types, Constants and Variables

Introduction constant, Variables and Data type, declaring a data type.

Operators and Expressions

Introduction, Hierarchy of operators, string expressions, library functions, etc.

Control Statements

Introduction, Evaluating logical expressions, If-then statement, If-then-else statement, statement selection, for Next statement, Do-while statement, While-wend statement.


Introduction Control Tools, Using controls, Naming conventions, properties to object. Working with controls, creating a form, introducing an event, creating command buttons, creating label, creating test boxes to display data, Creating test boxes to enter data, Creating check boxes, Creating options and frames, Creating Scrollbars, Creating time event, Assigning properties, Generating error messages.


Creating menus, Creating sub menus, Creating PopUp menus, Menu enhancing.

Working with Dialog Boxes

Working with Common Dialog Control, Using the ShowOpen method, using the ShowSave method, using the ShowColor Method, using the ShowPrinter method, working with Input boxes.

Executing the Debugging

Defining Errors, Setting breakpoints, Defining watch values, Stepping through a program, Error handling.

Procedures and arrays

Introduction, Defining modules and procedures, Procedure scope, Optional arguments, Arrays Declaration, Array characteristics, Processing Array Elements, passing Array to procedures, Array related functions.

Data Access

Introducing data access using ADO, Data access technology in VB, Advantages of OLE DB AND ADO, The ActiveX data object model, Connecting to Data Source, Retrieving from a Data Source, Sorting and searching data, Updating Data, Accessing ADO data Control, Using cursor, locking, Data report designer.

Packaging and Development

Introduction, Using packaging and deployment wizard, Deploying Desktop applications.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Mastering visual basic 6; Evangelos Petroutsos
  2. VB 6 Super Bible