Networking and Communication
Year / Semester: 
4th Semester

The objective of the course is to understand networking essentials and communication.



Why Network Exist, Uses of Computer Networks, Network Structure

Network Topologies

Making the Connection, Clients and Servers, Choosing your Network, Complex Network

Communication Protocols and Standards

OSI Reference Model, Carrier Sense Protocols, TCP/IP, NetBios , Netware Protocols, Windows NT Protocols


Network Stations, Processing Speed, Memory, File Server Memory, Bus Performance, Data Storage, Network Interface Cards


Cable Transmission Rates, Cable Types, Selecting Cables, Installing Cables,


How Server Came To Be, File Server Function on the Network, Sever and Mainframes

Remote Connection to Your Network

Decentralizing the Team, Establishing a Remote Connection, Direct Access, Dial–up Access, Telephone Line Communications, Connecting via the Internet, Bandwidth, Making the Connection.

Network Operating System

Windows for workgroups, Network Operating System features of Windows XP/Vista, Netware, Windows NT Server, OS/2

Client Server Databases

Advantages to Using Databases, Designing Database, SQL

Network Security

General Network Access Security, Access Rights

Computer Communication

The Telephone System, ISDN, Wireless Transmission, Microwave Transmission, Radio Transmission, Light Transmission, Cellular radio, Communication Satellite, Fiber Communication

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Computer Networks; Andrew S. Tanmenbaum
  2. Data and Computer Communication; William Stalling
  3. Introduction to Data Communication and Networking; Behrouz Frouzan