Taxation Basics
Year / Semester: 
4th Semester

To understand concept of Income tax, Residential Status and Tax incidence, Income Exempted from Tax,Income from salaries, Income from House property and Income from Profits & Gains of Business.


Rates of Income Tax for various Assessees

Slab rates & exemption limit for individuals ( senior citizen, woman & others), rates for companies ( Indian & foreign Company), rates for partnership firm & others, applicability of surcharge etc.

Due Dates of filling of Various Returns under Income Tax

So that an assessee can file their returns on due date to avoid interest & penalties Case Studies

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Federal Taxation: Basic Principles (2010) by Ephraim P. Smith, Philip J. Harmelink, and James R. Hasselback.
  2. Basic Federal Income Taxation (Casebook) by Richard A. Westin.
  3. Federal Income Taxation of Individuals and Basic Concepts in the Taxation of All Entities (Smith's Review Series) by Daniel Q. Posin.
  4. Basic corporate taxation by Douglas A. Kahn.
  5. Basic International Taxation Second Edition Volume I : Principles by Roy Rohatgi.