Accounting Finance for Managers
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

To enable student to acquire the skills necessary to use, interpret and analyse accounting data and to make them acquainted with decision making capability for effective financial control in an organisation.


Basic Concepts of Accounting and Finance, Financial Markets, Financial Instruments, Financial Reporting, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Cash Flow Statement, Financial Statement Analysis, Accounting for Decision Making ,Standard Costing & Variance Analysis, Activity Based Costing, Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis, Investment Appraisal-basic concepts, Investment Appraisal-Methods and Consideration, The Financing Mix, Payout Decisions, Budgets as a Basis for Planning and Control, Introduction to Working Capital and Managing Liquid Assets.

Suggested Readings: 
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  2. Maheswari, S.N. “Advanced Accounting”, Sultan Chand and Sons, Delhi.
  3. Lal Jawahar, “Management Accounting”, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.
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