Front Office Operation
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

To understand the working knowledge of the Front Office Department.


Block: 01 Reservation

Unit 1: Reservation:

Introduction, importance of reservation, Reservation section-location and layout, function of reservation, types of reservation, sources of reservation, systems of reservation and overbooking.

Unit 2: VVIP, FIT, group reservations and cancellations:

Introduction, Handling VVIP, Handling FIT, group reservation & cancellation procedure, Amendment.

Unit 3: Guest Cycle (Pre-Arrival, Arrival, Occupancy, Departure, After Departure):

Introduction, what is guest cycle, Guest cycle & related front office functions.

Unit 4: Machines and Equipments used in Front Office:

Introduction, front office equipments, Machines & furniture.

Unit 5: Briefing and debriefing:

Introduction, qualities of a good front office employee, shift briefing, Morning & Afternoon shift handover, night shift handover. Difference between briefing & debriefing.

Block: 02 Reception

Unit 6: Reception- receiving, registration process, check in & checkout procedure:

Introduction, role of reception, registration process and handling check out.

Unit 7: Information – about the hotel, city, And modes of travel:

Introduction, concierge desk, role of a concierge, paging, room key control.

Unit 8: Handling Guest Queries, walk in, skipper, scanty baggage, no show, stay over:

Introduction, handling guest queries, handling a walk in guest, handling a skipper, handling scanty baggage guest, no-show, stay over, overstay, under stay.

Unit 9: Handling guest complains and emergencies, safe deposit boxes:

Introduction, handling guest complaints, handling emergencies situations; death of a guest in a hotel, accident, theft, illness, bomb threat, fire and handling safety deposit boxes.

Unit 10: Handling guest messages:

Introduction, message handling and Mail handling.

Block: 03 Night Auditor

Unit 11: Cashier, Duties and Responsibilities:

Introduction, who is a cashier, importance of a cashier, duties & responsibilities of a cashier.

Unit 12: Night Auditor, duties and responsibilities:

Introduction, role of a night auditor in a hotel, functions of a night auditor, duties & responsibilities of a night auditor.

Unit 13: Inventory Control System, Par Stock:

Meaning of inventory control system, importance of inventory control system, par stock.

Unit 14: Telephone operators, duties and responsibilities:

Introduction, who is a telephone operator, its importance, duties & responsibilities of a telephone operator.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Sudhir Andrews: Tata Mc.Graw Hills.
  2. S.K.Bhatnagar: Front Office Management.
  3. Bargi and Dhaiya: Introduction to Hospitality Industry- Aman Publication
  4. Jata Shankar R. Tewari: Hotel front office operations and management.
  5. Sushil Kumar Bhatnagar: Front Office Management – Frank Bros. & Co.