Introduction to Cookery
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

To give the basic knowledge about the sections of kitchen.


Block: 01 Introduction to cookery

Unit 1: Introduction to Kitchen Organization:

different sections of kitchen, various cooking items,.

Unit 2: Job Description and responsibilities of kitchen staff:

job description of various kitchen staff, hierarchy

Unit 3: Coordination with other Departments:

front office, F&B Services, housekeeping, stores, kitchen utility.

Unit 4: Kitchen tools and equipments:

various equipments used in the kitchen for smooth and efficient functioning, various tools used in kitchen, different kinds of knives

Unit 5: Mise-en-place, Mise-en-scene:

different process to be done before preparing a dish, various kinds of cutting, mixing, orderliness in the kitchen for smooth functioning in the kitchen

Unit 6: Different sections of kitchen:

cold, Indian, salad, sweet, soup, continental, bakery, pantry.

Unit 7: Accompaniments and Garnishes:

various accompaniments used with the food, different kinds of garnishes

Block: 02 Regional Food

Unit 8: Vegetables, salads and dressings:

importance of vegetables, boiling / cooking of vegetables, different kinds of salads, dressings of salad, different recipes of vegetables.

Unit 9: Indian menu & cooking styles-1 (north, east):

different dishes of north, east India, their importance and cooking style with the recipes.

Unit 10: Indian menu & cooking styles-2 (central, west, south):

different dishes of central, west, south India, their importance and cooking style with the recipes.

Unit 11: Regional food of Uttarakhand- Kumaoni, Garhwali:

various traditional and popular food of the Uttarakhand region with their recipes.

Unit 12: Organic food (herbs, spices, medicinal benefits):

definition, importance and use of the organic food, different kind of herbs and Indian spices used and their medicinal benefits.

Unit 13: Seasoning and condiments:

various Indian seasoning items their use, use of the condiments in Indian cookery.

Unit 14: Cold preparations:

various veg & non veg cold items, cold sweet dishes, shakes

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Thangam and Philip
  2. Krishna Arora: Theory of Cookery
  3. David Foskett, Victor Ceserani and Ronald Kinton: The Theory of Catering.
  4. N.Shakuntala Manay & M.Shadaksharaswamy: Food facts and Principles
  5. John Campbell, David Foskett and Victor Ceserani: Practical Cookery.