Cooking Methods
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

To give the basic knowledge about the various methods of cooking.


Block: 01 Cooking Methods

Unit 1: Food safety and Hygiene:

practices to be followed in the kitchen to avoid the cross contaminations of micro-organisms, proper heating and keeping of food, hours to be kept in mind, cleanliness of the kitchen and the food items.

Unit 2: Cooking methods -1:

roasting , baking, frying, cutting, peeling, making dishes, soups, stocks,

Unit 3: Cooking methods -2 (work methods, tricks):

efficiently handling of the job in the kitchen, trade tricks, various methods to be followed for easy use of the things and fast cooking techniques

Unit 4: Light meal (snacks, savories, canapés, fruits):

various light meals, different kinds of veg. & non veg. snacks, savories and different canapés from around the world

Unit 5: Fast food:

definition, various Chinese dishes, pizza, burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, veg and non veg fast food.

Block: 02 Cooking Techniques

Unit 6: Eggs:

fresh eggs, various egg dishes, deterioration of eggs.

Unit 7: Soups:

soup preparation, different recipes, does and don’ts while preparing the soup, different kind of soups.

Unit 8: Stocks (glazes):

making of the stock, time period, vegetable stock, fish stock, emergency stock

Unit 9: Sauces:

different kind of sauces, accompaniments, mother sauce and its derivatives.

Unit 10: Asian Food:

Indian, Chinese, Oriental cuisines, various popular Asian food and their recipes.

Block: 03 Desserts

Unit 11: Desserts:

sweets, ice cream, sundae, Indian sweet dishes.

Unit 12: French Classical Menu:

Eleven courses menu, various food items and recipes for different courses.

Unit 13: Storage, care and condition of food material:

proper storage, refrigeration, FIFO, cooking styles, minimizing wastes.

Unit 14: HACCP in Food Production:

different steps of HACCP, use and necessity of HACCP.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Thangam and Philip
  2. Krishna Arora: Theory of Cookery
  3. David Foskett, Victor Ceserani and Ronald Kinton: The Theory of Catering.
  4. N.Shakuntala Manay & M.Shadaksharaswamy: Food facts and Principles
  5. John Campbell, David Foskett and Victor Ceserani: Practical Cookery.