Introduction to Food & Beverage Services
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

To give the basic knowledge about the Food and Beverage Services.


Block: 01 Food & Beverages services

Unit 1: Food and Beverage Service –

Introduction, types, kinds of services

Unit 2: Classification of catering industry:

commercial, coffee shop, fast food outlets, grill rooms, dining rooms

Unit 3: Food service operation:

sectors, methods, meal experience Unit 4: Organizational structure of F&B service department: structure in different hotels, small, medium, large hotels, work flow

Unit 5: Job Description of F&B staff:

managers, captains, stewards, busboy, wine waiters

Unit 6: Attributes, attitude, etiquette of service staff:

attributes and etiquette for a better workplace, need for the service staff.

Unit 7: Co-ordination with other departments:

front office, kitchen, housekeeping, accounts, stores

Block: 02 Food & Beverage Department

Unit 8: Menu, menu knowledge, accompaniments, types, planning:

need of a menu, cost control, proper planning, things to remember for menu planning

Unit 9: Eleven courses of French classical menu:

11 courses of menu with the food examples, recipes, planning different menu according to the courses.

Unit 10: Service skills:

various service skills needed by the service staff, proper handling of the equipments and the loaded tray

Unit 11: Restaurant and Bars:

types, kinds of bars, kinds of restaurants, speciality restaurants, service in different restaurants and bars.

Unit 12: Restaurant service equipments:

various equipments needed for the smooth functioning of the restaurant services, equipments used by the servers.

Unit 13: Sideboard:

Workstations, restaurant linen, napkin folding, stacking the sideboard and its use during operations, various napkin folding techniques, different linen for different kind of work use.

Unit 14: Mise-en-place, Mise-en-scene:

creating a wonderful atmosphere in the restaurant, looking fresh and clean and tidy, putting things in order, preparation to be done before opening of the restaurant.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Sudhir Andrews: Food and Beverage Services.
  2.  B.K.Chakravarti: Restaurant Management.
  3. Parminder K. Bhandari: Catering Technology.
  4. B.K.Chakravarti: Managing Restaurant and Bar Business.
  5. M.N.Ahmed: Food and Beverage Service.