Hospitality & Tourism-Meaning & Concepts
Year / Semester: 
1st Semester

To give the basic knowledge about the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in general.


Block: 01 Basics of Hotel

Unit 1: Introduction to Hospitality Industry, Classification of Hotel:

On the basis of location, clientele, length of stay, size and others.

Unit 2: History, growth and development of Hotel Industry:

History of travel, the transportation revolution, a closer look at the hospitality industry, lodging industry pioneers etc.

Unit 3: Important Hotel Chains – India and International:

Referral group, Development growth of hotel industry.

Unit 4: Staffing and Organization Structure of Hotel:

Organizational mission, organizational goals, and hotel organizations.

Unit 5: Types of room, meal plan and Star Categorization of Hotels:

Importance of the guestroom to a guest.

Unit 6: Body language, Personal Grooming, Personality and Basic Etiquette of Hotel Staff:

Posture, Personal Appearance and Hygiene, voice & speech, tact & diplomacy, communication with guest, importance of etiquettes in front office.

Unit 7: Hygiene and sanitation in the Hotel Industry:

Sanitation in the food industry, cross contamination, Principles of personal hygiene and hygiene in storage of raw and cooked food.

Block: 02 Tourism Industry

Unit 8: Tourism resources of Uttarakhand:

Natural & Cultural: Concept, framework, typology and potential tourism attractions.

Unit 9: Introduction to Tourism Industry (role of Ministry of tourism, state tourism board):

Basic analysis, growth and dimensions, tourism organizations in India.

Unit 10: Tourism Components & types. (Emerging trends):

Tourism infrastructure, new tourism typologies.

Unit 11: Growth and scope of Hotel Industry and Tourism in Uttarakhand:

Dimension, development, growth, scope, thrust areas for tourism and hotel industry in Uttarakhand.

Unit 12: Eco friendly practices in Hotel and Tourism Industry (Uttarakhand) – status, concern, remedies:

what is an eco-friendly practice, eco-friendly practices in India.

Unit 13: Impact of Hotel Industry and Tourism on Indian economy:

Hotel and Tourism industry synthesis, Hotel & Tourism industry and its impact on Indian economy, driving forces of globalization in india impacting upon travel, hospitality and tourism.

Unit 14: General English (spoken, grammar, interviews):

Introduction, interviews, meeting, speech & presentation, effective interpersonal communication.

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Sudhir Andrews: Tata Mc.Graw Hills.
  2. O.P.Kandari and Chandra- Tourism and Hotel Management-Indiana Publication.
  3. Rakesh Puri: 2006 Front Office Operation and Management, Manju Publishers.
  4. Sudhir Andrews: Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Industry-Tata Mc.Graw Hills.
  5. A.J.Burkhat and S.Medlik: Tourism past, present and future- Heineman Publishing, London.