Tourism Concepts
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

To impart an in-depth understanding of the tourism concepts and principles.


Block : 01 Basics of Tourism

Unit 1: Understanding Tourism: Tourists, Excursionist, Visitor, Traveler – Definition and Differentiation

Unit 2 India’s Biodiversity: Landscape, Environment and Ecology

Unit 3: Tourism Resources to Tourism Products.

Unit 4: Tourism Forms and Linkages.

Unit 5: Emerging Trends in Tourism Industry. Sustainable, Medical, Volunteer Tourism, MICE etc.

Block: 02 Tourism Product

Unit 6: Major Tourism Products and Circuits

Unit 7: Tourism Product Life Cycle, Typology of tourism products

Unit 8: Living culture as a Tourism Product.

Unit 9: Concept of Rural Tourism. Rural tourism resources and products design. Case study of related model. Rural Tourism: Packaging and Marketing

Unit 10: A brief study of Tourism Organization: WTO, IATA, Ministry of Tourism, Uttarakhand Tourism

Block 03: Tourism Services and Operations

Unit 11: Tourist Accommodation: Formal and Supplementary accommodation Hotel, Motel, Resort and Home stay, Paying Guest, Dharamsalas etc.

Unit 12: Modes of Transportation and Surface transport Documentation (Cabs & coaches).

Unit 13: Travel Agency and Tour Operators

Unit 14: Subsidiary Services: Categories and Roles

Unit 15: Understanding Map; chart work and Road Signs.

Block 04: Tourism Impacts

Unit 16: Tourism Impacts: Social and cultural Impacts.

Unit 17: Economic and Political Impact. Tourism for Poverty

Unit 18: Environmental & Physical Impacts. Ecological and Environmental Concerns. Ways and means for mitigating negative impacts Alleviation

Unit 19: Threats and Obstacles to tourism: Impact of Terrorism and Disasters on Tourism.

Unit 20: Role of Uttarakhand govt. in Tourism Promotion

Suggested Readings: 
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