Tour Guiding
Year / Semester: 
1st Year

To inculcate knowledge and dexterity essential for a guide for handling various category of clientele.


Block: 01 An Introduction to Guiding

Unit 1: Service Industry: Concept and Characteristics.

Unit 2: Guides: definition, Relevance; Authorized and Unauthorized Guides.

Unit 3: Categories of Tourist Guides. Various Sources of earnings.

Unit 4: Definition of Tour Escort; Role and responsibilities of an Escort.

Unit 5: Managing Escort Services: Consideration for an Escort; The Planning and Preparation of Escorting a Tour

Block: 02 Guiding Techniques

Unit 6: Guiding skills: personality and knowledge; Role of Body Language, Skills of Different Guides.

Unit 7: Personal Hygiene and Keeping yourself fit.

Unit 8: Understanding the tourists: A guide perspective (categorize as per time, age groups, regions etc)

Unit 9: Managing Special Situations – Dealing with late coming passengers, Loss of Passport, Loss of Money, Missing Members, Difficult questions etc.

Unit 10: Handling Complaints, Sickness and Disabled passengers; Working in difficult situation (Political Strikes, Road Blocks, and Terrorism etc.); Safety and Security; Basic First Aid;

Block: 03 Tour Guiding Skills

Unit 11: Presentation & Communication skills

Unit 12:The art of Interpretations

Unit 13: Preparation and Conducting tours in various areas and Selection of Site.

Unit 14: Professional Ethics and Etiquettes Interlinkages: Guide, Escort, Tour Operator and Travel Agency.

Unit 15: Role of Technology in Guiding; Issues in Decision Making

Block: 04 Tours & Handling Clients

Unit 16: Understanding Rules & Regulations: Forest guides, Govt. Rules, Challans and FIR etc.

Unit 17: Understanding Travelers Needs and Wants; Customer Care; Feedback Assessment and Analysis.

Unit 18: Visitor Facilitations: Caring for customers and Meeting assistance and transfers;

Unit 19: Registration of Guides: Types and Procedure

Unit 20: Travel Lingo – Technical Terminology of Tourism

Suggested Readings: 
  1. Tourist Guide and Tour Operations: Planning and Organizing, by Jagmohan Negi, Kanishka publishers
  2. Aspects of Tourism-Nature based tourism by Hall, Viva book Publishers
  3. Tourism Principles and Practices by McIntosh, John Wiley and sons
  4. Travel Agencies Management by Mohinder Chand